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Holi Darshan, Live online from Ahmedabad, Gujarat(Video)


Rare photo of Shri Ranchhodji bhagvan idol at Dakor

Holi bonfire E-Darshan from Ahmedabad, Gujarat


On the occasion of Holi, we Gujaratis(most of us) observe fast for a day, eating dhanni, chiki and khajur. Only after darshan of Holi(divine holy fire) in the evening at public place, we consume our regular food(full dish dinner with sweet).

We at DeshGujarat.Com wondered how come same would be possible for many Gujaratis who are residing outside the Gujarat. And here is our little humble effort of electronic solution for this. E – Darshan of Holi online.

You can’t feel the heat of fire which is good for health, you can not walk around fire in circle which is holy act to do, and you can not have fun of having dhaani + mamraa’s prasaad which is amazingly tasty. But you can surely at least have a darshan of Holi here. Wishing you very happy and colourful Holi from DeshGujarat, Jay Gujarat.

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  1. Sriraj says:

    Presenting here, my favourite Holi related Video. Click and enjoy………

    This one is Zina zina ude re gulal madi tara mandiriye(Gujarati song bsaed on Rajasthani one)

  2. Amit maniyar says:

    Rang Barse: Wonderfuly presented using Holi pics

    And Rang Barse original Bachchan vala

    And Holi khele Raghuveera from Bagban

  3. Raju says:

    Natural mud Holi in Gujarat’ Anand based IRMA

    NRI playing Holi in muscat’s Gujarati Mehta family house

  4. Jayshree says:

    I really dont have enough words to Thank You… its Holi Evening, and you can imagine how much I am missing the heat of Holi Fire, moving around it, and having the Prasad of – Shekayelu Nariyel.
    Atleast you gave me the pleasure of watching Holi Fire, right at time… its evening of Holi.
    Otherwise hun to mari website par thoda Holi ane Rang ne lagata geeto muki ne ja man manavi rahi hati.


  5. Ragesh says:

    This E darshan is great. I enjoyed and I am agree with Jayshree , thanks is not enough for this page.

  6. Kiran mehta says:

    Good artile in Gujarat Samachar ( Gujaratsamachar.com ) about ‘Chemical Holi’


  7. ASHOK SHAH says:


  8. Himanshu says:

    Pramukhswami, Saints and BAPS Swaminarayan sect bhakts playing Holi in Sarangpur, Saurashtra, Gujarat Video, song is not so nice so you can mute the volume, also later part is more interesting than initial

    *The Bhavishyottara Puran cites a story concerning a rakshasi (demoness) named Dhundhaa, who harassed children and all teenagers. To keep her away, people kindled fires at various spots. Then the young and later everyone else chanted God’s name and circumambulated the fires. Thus the Lord’s name and fire kept the demoness away. In this manner, Satya Yuga’s king Raghu propagated the festival of Holi. Furthermore it is believed that Dhundhaa manifests as disease in children, during this period of seasonal change, when kapha (phlegm) increases in the body. Fire is the shakti which protects one from disease. Therefore wood of the Shami tree (Acacia suma) – symbolizing Agni deity – is burnt in the fire to circumvent disease.

    * Another belief concerns Putna, the giant demoness who tried to kill the child Krishna. When he vanquished her, the cowherds jubilantly burnt her body outside the village. Henceforth the Holi festival came into being.

    * More renowned is Prahlad’s story. Hiranyakashipu, a demon king and father of Prahlad, was a dissenter of Bhagwan Vishnu, whom Prahlad worshipped. Infuriated by his son’s devotion, Hiranyakashipu attempted to kill him. In one attempt, he instructed his sister Holika, to wear her miraculous sari, which could not burn, and then sit in a fire with Prahlad in her lap. By the Lord’s wish, she happened to wear the wrong garment and was immolated. Symbolically, maya, in the form of Holika, was destroyed by Prahlad’s staunch devotion. Therefore to eradicate our maya, we should offer unalloyed bhakti.

    * This day also marks Lord Manu’s birthday anniversary. Mankind is Lord Manu’s offspring. He composed the Manu Smruti, a scripture regarded as a manual for man’s life on earth.


    dear vedio

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