Gujarat’s Shatavdhani Jain monk amazes people in Ahmedabad

Gujarat’s Shatavdhani Jain monk amazes people in Ahmedabad
By Japan K Pathak
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 16 November, 2008

Circled in photo above is Shatavdhani Jain monk Shri Ajitchandrasagarji Maharaj

More than 1000 people gathered at Ahmedabad’s jam-packed Town Hall on Sunday morning to witness Jain monk Shri Ajitchandrasagarji’s demonstration of Shatavdhan power were jubilant and amazed at the end of almost five hour session.

19-year-old Jain monk Ajitchandrasagarji Maharaj demonstrated Shatavdhan power that he has achieved after three and half years constant silence and concentration practices.

The Shatavdhani monk according to scriptures can listen to 100 various questions asked by different people and then after can narrate and reply them all chronologically and correctly at once.

People gathered at Ahmedbad’s biggest auditorium asked questions, demonstrated different objects, spoke different sentences, words, mathematical figures, famous peoples’ names etc in their 100 questions slot. After almost three hours of the questions round, Jain monk with his unmatched memory power achieved by ‘Sadhana’ and concentration took only ten minutes to narrate them one by one chronologically and correctly.

People in the auditorium who were given paper sheets to write down the 100 questions to match them then after with the answers given by the monk were amazed to find that each and every question,word,sentence,figure,demonstrated object was matching and chronology in perfect order.

When the monk was asked ‘what was asked in question nos. 35, 44 and 66’ the answers he delivered responding to this question were perfect and correct. The monk even could narrate the 100 questions and answers in a reverse chronology speedily. It was announced that the monk would remember today’s Shatavdhan session’s each and every question chronologically till the next six months.

Shatavdhan is a power that is hardly and rarely achieved by one or two persons in a century. In early last century another Jain Shrimad Rajchandra was Shatavdhani. In medieval Jain scriptures it was mentioned that one Jain monk was Sahastravdhani. Sahastravdhan was even a greater achievement because Sahastravdhani could remember 1000 different questions in perfect chronological order.

Governor of Gujarat Shri Navalkishor Sharma, Gujarat high court judge shri Kantilal Punj, Gujarat’s world-famous magician K.Lal, Ex-Chief Minister Chhabildas Mehta etc. were present in this function.

VIDEO:Jain monk Ajitchandrasagarji’s Shatavdhan in Ahmedabad(VIDEO)

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