Artist Modi, and his art of addressing a press conference(Video)

Artist Modi, and his art of addressing a press conference
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 8 January, 2009

Modi’s interesting interaction session with media persons on January 7th, 2009
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When Keshubhai Patel was chief Minister of Gujarat, he used to address a press conference every Wednesday to brief the media about decisions taken at his cabinet meeting held on the same day. When Narendra Modi succeeded Keshubhai, he discontinued this. Modi even canceled a daily bus service from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar run by state’s information department for journalists covering Gandhinagar beat. Since then, a press conference by the Chief Minister himself has become a rare event in Gujarat. Modi rarely calls a press conference in Ahmedabad or in Gandhinagar.

On January 7th, 2009 Modi addressed a press conference for Vibrant Gujarat Global Investor’s summit, 2009 in Ahmedabad’s GMDC building auditorium which is Modi’s favorite place for addressing his rare press conferences.

Narendra Modi is well known for his style of addressing the people. He is considered as a great orator and communicator. But his lesser known art of addressing a press conference is also equally well. This art is lesser known because everything that happens in a press conference never goes public. Only we the journalists interact with him inside a room, and most of us are never able to write everything that happened inside a press conference.

Formula of Narendra Modi’s art of handling a press conference is simple. He does not permit to go the press conference out of his control even for a moment. He keeps steering strictly in his hand. First he comes bit late, then he speaks(in which he praised media’s positive role on Vibrant Gujarat this time), then he declares floor open for questions, normal questions are answered normally, funny questions very funnily, serious questions seriously, difficult questions tactfully and in brief(mostly diverted towards central government), and when loose questions or time pass questions or stupidities start from the questioners side, he declares conference over with an invitation to join a lunch. He declared lunch in less than 8 minutes at January 7th press conference interaction session.

In this conference, when Modi was asked about how much investment would come, he said it’s Investors summit and not investment summit. When asked about global recession, he tactfully tried to prove that this recession would actually benefit Gujarat, when asked particularly about Gujarat’s recession hit textile, diamond and chemical industries, Modi involved central government into this, when asked how the people of Gujarat would be benefited by this summit, Modi apart from other things replied that advertisements in the newspapers would increase due to more investment, finally when a journalist connected Sonia Gandhi and UPA with Modi’s announcement about MOU with Italy for small scale sector in Vibrant Summit 2009, Modi asked a reporter ‘are you very hungry or what?’ and declared lunch.

No need to write more on this here because a video given above on January 7th, 2009 press conference at Ahmedabad speaks for itself. This is a good video if you want to learn an art of addressing a press conference from Mr. Narendra Modi himself. The video has only interaction round, it does not contain Modi’s speech that happened before.

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Artist Modi, and his art of addressing a press conference
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