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Google makes it easy to write in Gujarati online

Google makes it easy to write in Gujarati online
By our correspondent
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 29 May, 2009

Google has made it easy to write in Gujarati online. All you have to do is just click over the first link given below(bookmark it) and start typing Gujarati words on your English keyboard itself.

If you want to write Gujarati word ‘કેમ’, type kem on your keyboard. Then press a space bar and you will get Gujarati ‘કેમ’ written in the board.

If you have any doubts, you can press backspace and you will have suggestions about possible alternative words. You can select one of the suggestions, suitable for you and go ahead.

If you want to write English word, press ‘Control’ and ‘G’ keys together. Do the same again and you will be able to toggle back to Gujarati keyboard.

If you want to email your relatives in Gujarati fonts, or if you want to blog in Gujarati, just select Gujarati text and copy it to paste it at desired destination. You can also have a print out directly from Google’s Indic Transliterate page. Good Luck!

-Google’s Gujarati Indic Transliterate

-Guide to Google’s Gujarati Indic Transliterate

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  1. sadia says:


  2. pk says:

    જપનભાઈ તમારો ઘણો ઘણો આભાર….. I typed it in the same….

  3. ambu says:


    I copy and paste Gujarati writing on WORD. But on it comes square designs only.
    How can I print it out?


    Dear Ambubhai,

    This Google service makes fonts in unicode for online usage. You can paste it on blog, email box, chat etc.

    If you want to take printout, you can do that through google service itself. Look at your right hand, on upside of the box there is a printer sign. Click over it to have a print out from there itself.


  4. suraj says:

    thanks for this information. i visit deshgujarat daily for the same kind of information on gujarat/gujarati. deshgujarat was concentrating on coming election and modi a lot but i guess its a good fresh air to start seeing such articles that are actually very useful.

    તમારો આભાર

  5. B Patel says:

    GREAT TOOL.. any many thanks

    ખુબ ખુબ આભાર


    Thanks for your wishes,

    If you had used khoob instead of khub then it could be ખૂબ instead of ખુબ.

    ખૂબ is correct word.

    -Response desk

  6. Bharat Sachania says:

    Thank you very much to every one who managment deshgujarat.com Specialy Japanbhai thank you very much to lern me how to wright in gujarati.God bless deshgujarat.com

    VandeGujarat VandeMataram

  7. suthar rajesh(paris) says:

    thankx very much

  8. Bharat Darji says:

    many many thanks, now its very easy to type in english

  9. shanker says:

    Good job! Keep it up!!

  10. dilip says:


  11. dinesh dalwadi says:

    ખૂબ ખૂબ આભાર જપનભાઈ નો.

  12. Yes, It’s really very good. When you type “Jaan” It will show “જાન” – to convert it in “જાણ” Just type backspace button and you will get some options. Select as per your need. It’s Really good. But for “ડીઝાઈન ” you have to type “Dizaain” Not Design. :)

  13. Bakul Joshi says:

    This is very good news. I humbly request adding materials to learn gujarati or a link where I can teach my kids gujarati. Gujarati before French, German, Spanish, Japanese or Chinese.

  14. Bhavik says:

    I spent more than an hour to find out the best way to type in Gujarati and transfer it to MS Word. I used this tool to type in Gujarati, which is one of the best tools, and then copied it into MS Word as Aerial Unicode. Thanks for such an important information. Your site rocks bro :)

  15. mounang says:

    hi kem 60 gujarati bhai behno.

  16. feroz says:

    hi kem 60 gujarati bhai behno. not right – shoud be

    hi kem 06 gujarati bhai behno.

  17. great website.lot to learn will never end till you dye.

  18. ramesh kataria says:

    I can only type words but not complete sentences.

    How can do these?

  19. Manny Manny thanks to modi sahib for e-voting in gujrat.bapu ne ghani ghani khama.

  20. Is it possible to give us this progre=amme as a free download so that we can type our feed back at leisure on a lap top and later post it when opportunity arises.

  21. Is it possible to give us this programme as a free download so that we can type our feed back at leisure on a lap top and later post it when opportunity arises.

  22. m.m.kapadia says:

    Jai Shree Krishna Badha Bhai & Bahenone

  23. rakesh virani says:

    કેમ છો , મજામાં હશો ,શું ચાલેછે

  24. Anonymous says:

    Kem cho

  25. Fatima Shakir says:

    what a good job!I was so thrilled on visiting this site,really cannot xpress my eagerness.Very many thanx to my sweet younger brother,who draw my attention to this site.Thanx once again.

  26. chintan.r.jadeja says:

    Saru kariu amaru sambhalso saheb ?

  27. yo modha says:

    plz upload godess ambaji’s aarti in sehnai voice.

  28. NATU KAKA says:

    what is this about?

  29. mmparmar. says:

    Jay dwarkadhis
    i love my gujrat

  30. alisha says:

    Thank you so much for making this tool its very useful. I love Gujarati language. Keep it up.
    It was great experience.

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