Martyr Jawan’s Orkut profile says,Do Wat U Like but For a Cause

Martyr Jawan’s Orkut profile says,Do Wat U Like but For a Cause
By our correspondent
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 8 June, 2009

Five things I cant live without: friends, family,uniform,uniform, uniform

Job description: Its So Simple… Just Do Wat U Like but For a Cause…

Career interests: to get a gallantry award..alive

This is what Shahid Major Rushikesh Ramani had wrote in his Orkut profile.

Rushikesh was killed in Jammu and Kashimr on Sunday after he killed three Pakistani Jihadi militants.

According to his Orkut profile, he wanted to achieve a gallantry award…alive, but sadly he is no more. However, his Orkut profile is still there online.

Rushikesh’s profile reflects his commitment for a cause, his passion for his uniform and his love for an Indian Army.

Looking at his Orkut profile, it seems, Rushikesh was fascinated by LAUNGEWALA battle. Rushikesh put Laungewala victory’s documentary photograph in his Orkut album. In one of the photographs in his album, he is standing with a pillar that shows distance from Laungewala. A tag line under the photograph says, “just 21 kms to LAUNGEWALA.” Rushikesh was excited about being near Laungewala where historical battle had unfolded between India and Pakistan.

Rushikesh’s some photographs in his album, bring tears in our eyes. Rushikesh became Major in Indian Army recently. A photograph shows this simple ceremony inside the office where two officers are changing stars on his uniform. Another photograph shows Rushikesh in his days when he was a student at Sainik School Balachadi.

And looking at his personal album on Orkut, we realize that he was a young man like us. He had friends, relatives, he also went to Goa and Rajasthan for chill out, and he seemed enjoying enough all of this. But then, it was his determination and commitment to serve the nation through uniform that makes him different and above us.

The nation will miss you Rushikesh.

Rushikesh’s Orkut profile:Login to your Orkut account and then click here

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