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Jain Muni Shri Jambuvijayji, Namaskarvijayji cremated

Jain Muni Shri Jambuvijayji, Namaskarvijayji cremated
By our correspondent
Gandhinagar, DeshGujarat, 13 November, 2009

Thousands of devotees all over from Gujarat, Rajasthan and other areas gathered at North Gujarat’s Shankheshwar on Friday where 87-year-old Jain muni Shri Jambuvijay Maharaj Saheb and his disciple Shri Namaskarvijay Maharaj were cremated.

Jain muni Jambu Vijayji Maharaj, 87, and his disciple Jain muni Shri Namaskar Vijayji Maharaj died in road accident on Thursday near Nakoda in Rajasthan while walking barefoot towards Jaisalmer.

The Jain Muni’s bodies were kept for darshan at Aagam Mandir in Shankheshwar. His cremation took place at 3.00 pm on Sami road, 2 miles from Shankheshwar.

An anonymous donor offered Rs 1.11 crore for construction of a Jain Mandir in the memory of the two monks. Raju Vrujlal Shah from Surat, who originally belongs to Adariyana village in Surendranagar district lit the funeral pyre of the monk after becoming the highest chadhawa taker (bidder) for Rs 87,87,787 lakh during the last darshan ritual.

Meanwhile a group of Jain monks blamed Rajasthan based Anup Mandal for series of incidents in which Jain monks were hit by heavy vehicles on road. In last one week, six Jain monks were killed in road accidents in two different incidents.

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Jain Muni Shri Jambuvijayji, Namaskarvijayji cremated

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  1. S C Jain says:

    Dear all,
    I have never felt so helpless, completely ashamed of my inability to protest, stop, retaliate at this merciless act of the most henious nature, which has to be condemned at all levels. I pray to who ever this message reaches, if it is within his reach , then please stand up and protest.

    The activities of ANOOP MANDAL , the organisation behind these hit and run accidents should be stopped. The organisation should be banned and termed as a terrorist outfit. It has been involved in innumerable incidents of damage to jain temples and idols and monks.

    2 days before this incident 4 more sadhviji’s were similarly slaughtered to death by a truck. On July 26, 2007, two sadhviji’s P.P.Hem prabha sriji and P.P Guruvarya sri Vinith Pragya shri ji met with the same fate, and this also happened in PALI, near Balotra.

    Stop this carnage. Please. We follow ahimsa , that’s our strength, but do not take advantage of our goodness.

    Now is the time to unite, to stand as one and be counted. What is the Rajasthan Government doing, just for a few votes is it ready to sacrifice the lives of such Great messengers of peace who would not even harm even an insect, not even in their thoughts. Come on, show some spine, take the guilty to task. Show us that there is still humanity left. For our children have to live in this world tomorrow, and that world is what we create and leave behind for them. Would we want our children to live in a world of fear , hatred, crime, we have to decide. May GOD give you the strength , and clarity of thought to stand by truth and righteousness.

    Om Shanthi.

  2. ashish says:

    pujya shri na kaldharm pachi, jem darek sadhu bhagvanto vishe thay che te mujab, aapne sau emani anumodna karta thakta nathi,,,,, pan ek pacchi ek thata accident shu aapna sau ni kayarta chati nathi kari rahya???? aa vishe shu aapne charcha kari sakishu? ke “ANUMODANA” ane “AHIMSA” na aanchada oodhi samaj na “Dambh” ane “kayarta” ne chupavta raheshu????

  3. amish shah says:

    jain samaj ma kadach temna jetlu gyan bahu ochha sadhu aagal hashe. Temna kaldharmthi je khot padi chhe te puri shakar evi nathi.

    Jain dharm ma pan dharm raksha mate jarur pade to yuddh karvani vat kari chhe.Apne badhae bhega maline aava anoop mandal jeva dusht tatvo same ladvanu chhe and temne path bhanavavano chhe.

  4. Dr Faramroze Chyella says:

    It has happened at Nandigram Jain Derasar, Near Bhilad-Valsad also. Two months back.

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