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Jay Jay Garavi Gujarat Song (Anthem MP3)

Jay Jay Garavi Gujarat Song (Anthem MP3)

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Presented above is the most famous and anthem like song of Gujarat and Gujarati patriotism: Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat. This song is played in many Gujarat government function. This is for the first time that we are availing you its recording for download.

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  1. nice song
    I like it very much

  2. Hari says:

    जय जय (भारत माँ नूं सिंह बन्युँ) गरवी गुजरात!
    जय जय (माँ जगदंबा भक्ति थी छलकातूं) गरवी गुजरात!
    जय (જય શ્રી કૃષ્ણ प्रेमथी अवकारतूं) गरवी गुजरात!
    जय जय (कन्या शाळा मां भरती थती) गरवी गुजरात!
    जय जय (माँ नर्मदानी अमृतमां जीवतूं) गरवी गुजरात!
    जय जय (महात्मा सरदार ने सदा नमतूं) गरवी गुजरात!
    जय जय (नरेंद्रभाई मोदि ने विजय बनावतुं) गरवी गुजरात!
    jaya jaya (Pranav Mistry ni technology vaapartu) garavi गुजरात!
    જય (जय श्री राम नी हाकल उपाडतूं) गरवी गुजरात!

  3. Hari says:

    Honestly, I am NOT a big fan of linguistic based division of states. Splitting of the two states was staunchly opposed by our Sardar Patel’s follower and Mahatma Gandhi’s worker Shree Morarajibhai Desai because they did not like the idea of language based division of states and now know why? The dividing of society on linguistic administration been precisely abused by the the proxy rulers of the British the goondaaraaj Kangressi thugs to snatch elections on non-performance/rioting plank.

    opportunistic groups carved out their state by widening the language divide and as a result Mahashtra is suffering, BUT Gujarat is always there at the service of their ailing elder brothers.

    Whereas in Gujarat, it was not the language that cause the creation of state. As Pujya Rang Avadhut Maharaj of Nareshwar dham put it. It was the divine will which create the multi-linguistic and multi-ethnic and multi-religious state of Gujarat.

    From day one, our Gujarat movement leaders Pujya Ravi Shankar ji tried to bring together all various groups of languages spoken, including Gujaratis, Kathiawadis, and Kutchis, because of thanks to principle of patriotism. As a result Gujarat continues to prosper because of its diversity. Thus I feel from the 1960 onwards Gujarat continues on the path to lead the entire nation at the service of Bhaarat maataa, be it in security, economy, technology and prosperity despite the brief misrule of goondaaraaj Kangressi lootere. I believe Gujarat has always been at the forefront for worshipping our Bhudev, our Santo, Saadhuo and Pujya Guru Avataro.

    If Marathi (elder) brothers decided to call their state महाराष्ट्र, fine.
    Then I will call my multi-linguistic garvi Gujarat raajya as माँकाराष्ट्र!
    जय श्री राम!

  4. Hari says:

    Gujarat is the ONLY state ( as far as I know) which comprises HEADQUARTERS for four diverse languages namely: Gujarati, KaaThiaavaadi, Kutchi and Sindhi, and Farsi in BHaarat.

    Gujarat’s Hindutva is home to major faiths namely Vaishnavs, Shaiva, Swaminarayans, Bhaktaas, Bauddhism, Sikhs, Khojas, Tribals, Muslims and then ofcourse Parsis. Thus there no question about any majority/minority divide, because everyone is a minority here in terms of their spirituality. Thanks to our soul-friendly Hindutva, which is the culture of the youth.

    In Gujarat there are NO higher/lower caste clashes because we revere Santo Sadhuo Guru Avataro without asking their caste, creed, or community. It is they who taught us to treat caste as a mode of equality towards scientific necessity for making available equal legal rights to all citizens and a 100% employment opportunity.
    To maintain this peace in our society, we need to have Hindutva, that has proven to be the greatest balance force.
    जय श्री राम!

  5. proud being gujarati even though i live in usa

  6. praful shah says:

    No doubt we are here in USA, BUT still we are proud of our GUJARAT and we love too much. Narendra Modi is one our CHIEF MINISTERS of GUJARAT, but every one will confirm and accept he has done very well in bringing up the name of GUJARAT in spite many are displeased or bious due to POLITICLE thinkings.. GOD BLESS HIM and GUJARAT

  7. Sarkar sari chhe ane rahe se.pan matra koi vat na abhyas vagar khoti mahiti loko sudhi pahochadvani vrutti chhodie to saru

  8. KADIA SUNNY says:


    • Pratham Panchal says:

      To kyaan gai Krushi Sanskriti? Adani, Essar, Reliance ne hajjaro ekar jaminni mafatmaan lhaani karnaar kon? Tamaari jamin nathi gai etle forenmaaan bethha game tem bole raakhavun chhe!!! Ketla paisaa aa maate gandhinagarthi khaaadhaa tame?

  9. Ritesh says:

    Happy Gujarat Day ! I am proud to be A Gujarati so lets saw the world what a Gujarati Can Do
    Jay jay Garavi Gujarat

  10. Dilip says:

    congrece ne chal thayari modi thi potanu jota nathhi ne. jay jay garvi gujrat jay modi

  11. jainam says:

    I love my state gujarat and my great country INDIA very much .

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