We just can’t forget Swami Asimanand’s work in Dang

We just can’t forget Swami Asimanand’s work in Dang
Ahmedabad, 21 November, 2010

A photo from Shabrikumbh festival 2006 in which Shri Morari Bapu, Swami Asimanand, Shri Sudarshanji, Asaram Bapu, Satyamitranandji and Narendra Modi are visible

Central Congress/UPA government’s investigating arm CBI has arrested Swami Asimanandji for his alleged involvement in Mecca masjid and couple of other blasts. In view of this latest development, it would be interesting to know more about Swami Asimanand, who was active in Gujarat’s Dang district, mainly against Christian conversion activities.

Swami Shri Asimanand had challenged Christian Missionary conversion movement in southern Gujarat’s Dang district by propelling pro-Hindu activities.

Swamiji, originally from Bengal, came to Gujarat’s Dang in year 1997, and started awakening tribal people here about Christian Missionary conversion movement and motives behind it. Swamiji had entered Dang only with 500 lockets of Hanuman.

Swamiji would knock at the door of each house and would ask the inmates one question, “Are you Hindu or christian?” At the house of one such Hindu, Swamiji asked him, “May I spend the night in your house?” The Hindu gladly welcomed Swamiji. Swamiji kept his luggage, distributed the Hanuman lockets to the children and asked them to bring their Hindu friends in the evening for a Ram katha. Shri Asimanandji’s Ram Katha was popular in local villages.

Shri Asimanandji used to visit tribal houses. He would take dinner with them, and would stay in their houses for some time. Thus he created excellent connections on the ground in this Christian Missionary affected area.

In 1998, about 25000 Christians embraced the religion of their forefathers in just two months. Swami Asimanand organized and participated as many as 55 Hindu conventions in Dang district and surrounding areas. These were attended by a total of four lakh Hindus.

The most important work of Swamiji was the development of Shabari Dham Mandir in Dang.

Dang has a village called Subir that was named after famous character Shabri of Ramayana. Local tribal firmly believe that Shabri belonged to this village in Ramayana era. Even the name Dang is derived from Dandakaranya where Shri Ram met Shabri. Swami Asimanandji developed Shabri mandir and organized Shabari Mahakumbh in year 2006, which was attended by tribals from all over the country. Shri Sudarshanji, Mohan Bhagwat, Narendra Modi, Shivraj Chauhan, Pravin Togadia, Sadhvi Rutambhara, Sadhvi Kankeshwari Devi, Morari Bapu, Shankaracharya, Asaram Bapu, Satyamitranandji and many other guests graced the Shabarikumbh function.

Next year in 2007, the BJP secured victory over Dang assembly seat for the first time in the history.

Has central Sonia/Congress/UPA govt framed Swami Asimanandji in blasts case? Christian Missionaries working in Dang must be happy following his arrest.

We can’t forget Swami’s work in Dang.

Shabari Kumbh had successfully challenged motives of Christian Missionaries in Dang www.shabarikumbh.org