Working time of school teachers extended for two hours

Working time of school teachers extended for two hours
By our special correspondent
Rajkot, 2 July, 2011

Keeping the suitability of the school time for students in mind, Gujarat government has changed primary teacher’s working time to 8 hours. The addition of 2 more hours in their routine has caused resentment in the teachers. The new schedule is effective from July 1.

Before July 1st, the duration of a shift of a teacher was 11AM to 5 PM which is now 10AM to 6PM. Many teachers had to take their infants to schools along with them. Teachers complained that the new schedule has affected their family lives and that their children and their family members have been put in a very inconvenient spot.

The teachers also added that it will be impossible for them to prepare lunch by 9AM and reach school by 10AM, and it has not been announced that when will the teachers get a break for lunch. The teachers said that just like regular employees they should also be given a One hour recess to consume lunch.

In addition to that, the teachers also stated that the people who work for 8 hours a day get a holiday on the 2nd and 4th Saturday but the teachers have not been notified of any such holidays. The teachers said that the most convenient time for students across the state will be 8 AM to 1PM, which is also suitable for the students during summer, winter and Monsoon