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GPP’s election symbol is Cricket bat(video)

Ahmedabad, 17 November 2012

Keshubhai Patel led Gujarat Parivartan Party(GPP) has received Cricket bat as its symbol. GPP is holding a rally in Rajkot today in an attempt to show its strength. More details are awaited.

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  1. uttam says:

    a bat thij emane marshe gujarat na loko……

    • KANT says:

      @ uttam, My friend… I hope and pray that your statement becomes the truth….JAY HIND…
      THIS GPP is nothing but a DIVIDE and RULE policy from WORTHLESS CONGRESS party….
      CONGRESS part knows that they will not win so they had find way to win and THIS GPP is a brain child of AHMED PATEL to find a WIN….. BUT he will not suceed…. JAY HIND…

  2. Vijay says:

    Ab bat gujrat pe raj karega,gujrat ma bat j vikas kari shake,samjyo uttam

  3. kk says:

    ek tamacho mare panjaathi, bijo dando maare bat thi, pan kamalni sangathith paandadio suvaas varasaave felaavaa sandesh premthi.

  4. Rushi says:

    “Dhokenu” will be more appropriate in their ‘back” rather this “bat”. Morons….

  5. db says:

    ok now let play match fixing.

  6. Rohit says:

    Seriosly? Bat? It is as stupid as its leaders

  7. uttam says:

    bhai vijay tara town.city ma vikas to kamal j karse….

  8. harish says:

    It would be hilarious to picture mr.keshubhai taking a stance with a cricket bat all padded up !!!!

    • KANT says:

      I laugh all the time when I see him…. I do not want to see him padded up….
      BRITISH divide us and rules us… THOSE rajas and rajavadas were fighting among each other with swords and horse….NOW we continue fight among each other with making PARTIES…. THIS is a strategy of CONGRESS Party…..

      MY friend harish, MOST people of nation do not know that we are free… Only transfer of POWER happened…. WE are still slave and we do not know about it…. JAY HIND… THIS GPP and other parties are there for CONGRESS to win but they will not SUCCEED,,,, PEOPLE of GUJARAT are lot smarter ……. JAY HIND… CONGRESS HATAO, DESH BACHAO….. JAY HIND….

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