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Naranpura will give historic victory to Amit Shah

Amit Shah addresses media just before his arrest

Amit Shah returns back to Amdavad and addresses BJP workers in Amdavad

By Rupang Bhatt, Ahmedabad, 28 November 2012

At least one seat is there in Gujarat where without any campaign, BJP will get thumping majority, possible best locally.

We are talking about Amdavad’s Naranpura seat where former minister of state for Home Shri Amit Shah is going to contest.

This is because the people would like to give befitting reply to all the tricks going on in Delhi due to which efficient cops of Gujarat police and Amit Shah himself have suffered a lot.

Naranpura may witness historic voting percentage this time in favor of Amit Shah. The atmosphere in Naranpura will charge the workers and voters in neighboring seats too.

Don’t feel surprised if you find everyone including even children in the streets in support of BJP.

The great injustice to Amit Shah and cops(who are in Maharashtra jail presently and waiting to come Modi/BJP in power in 2014) will be answered solidly by the people.

In fact other voters will feel jealous of those eligible to vote in Naranpura.

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  1. kk says:

    good luck BJP from bottom of my heart…….win….win…..win……win…

    • shivang says:

      Brother get your facts straight. Amit Shah is loosing from Naranpura. The contestant from congress, Dr Jitubhai Patel, former BJP MLA from the same area is a very well known and reputed as a doctor and person( Need not mention way cleaner image than Amit Shah). Amit Shah was not even ready to contest from the seat. He was forced to. He wants to contest from ghatlodia a way safe seat than Naranpura.

  2. NRI properties in Gujarat must be protected too. says:

    Police to protect NRI properties in Punjab

    The Punjab government has directed police to chart out a scheme to protect properties of NRIs in the state.

    Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal has asked IG NRI Affairs Gurpreet Deo to finalise a scheme, in which police officers of respective areas will be responsible for protecting the properties of NRIs from any encroachment during their absence.

    Badal was speaking at the combined meeting of empowered and organising committee for NRI Sammellan.

    He said that the state government is going to organise a three-day NRI ‘Sammellan’ from January 3.

    The purpose of organising ‘Sammellan’ was to have an interactive session with the Punjabi elected representatives of various countries, and to know the problems they were facing in the state, the deputy chief minister said.

    The first two days of the event would be held at Chandigarh and the concluding day would be at Jalandhar.

    Badal has also asked concerned departments to put up bills regarding Human Trafficking Act, Compulsory Registration of Marriages of NRIs and amendment in the Revenue Act in the upcoming Assembly session next month.

  3. Amdavadi says:

    Amit Shah may be innocent and may have not created any crime, the point important here is that he is accused and there has been no final verdict yet on him. So how is he contesting elections?
    Why should we vote for an accused person? What good is he going to do for our constituency?

    Are we encouraging more such people to be part of political system. If we want more transparency in the system, I dont think we should vote for him.

    I have nothing against BJP or Amit Shah, but the fact that he is accused of a crime, why should he be elected.

    I beleive Mr. Modi needs to build a good team, not like the current ministers, needless to say their names.

    Hope people of Naranpura realise that their vote is important. If they feel neither of candidate is good, vote for no one on the voting machine, but do go and cast your votes. In that case atleast we have done our duty.

    Jai Hind

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