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Ahmedabad BMW hit and run case: Vismay Shah surrenders, 2nd victim Rahul Patel dies, Vastrapur bandh call given

By our correspondent, Ahmedabad, 27 February 2013

After three days of hiding, Ahmedabad BMW hit and run case suspect Vismay Shah today surrendered before police and reportedly admitted that he was driving a car. One youth Shivam Dave was killed in this accident on same day, while another youth Rahul Patel who was on life-support system in Sanjivani hospital died today.

Meanwhile people gathered outside Sanjivani hospital blocked the road and demanded justice for Shivam and Rahul. They alleged that Vismay was drunk at the time of accident, and he escaped for 72 hours to evade blood test. People demanded arrest of a woman who had helped Vismay to escape from the place of accident.

In the afternoon police questioned builder NG Patel’s son Varun at Vastrapur police station. It is believed that Varun was sitting in Vismay’s car when accident took place.

Vismay may face IPC section 304(culpable homicide not amounting to murder). Vismay may get 10 years jail if proven guilty. Earlier the case was framed under softer IPC 304A (causing death by negligence), 279(rash driving), 427(mischief causing damage).

In another development, Vastrapur Lokrakshak Samiti has given Vastrapur bandh call on Thursday to seek justice for victims.

CCTV video of accident

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  1. param sneh says:

    verdict of the court would be worth noticing, when it arrives.

    usually mota baap ne chhokra o chhatki jata hoy chhe.. let’s see wt happens here.

    • KANT says:

      @ my friend param sneh, You are right…. PEOPLE have short memory and people forget….
      SEE what people know about that BIJAL gang rape case…. THOSE rich peopleS relatives enjoy in JAIL…. TO prove a point, THIS person must GET PRISON for the LIFE….JAY HIND….

      ENTIRE society has become CORRUPT and no one is responsible for their ACTION….. I feel his FATHER must be put in JAIL for RAISING this kind of CARELESS SON….. JAY HIND…

      I will continue blame BOLLYWOOD and CONGRESS party for this kind of BEHAVIOR of sons and daughters….OF the RICH and POWERFUL….JAY HIND… NO OFFENSE to anyone…. i have right to express my views…..JAY HIND…

    • Ritesh Dave says:

      I totally agree with you. Even I have a feeling that his dad will hire best lawyer, bribe police, destroy evidence and even offer big money to victim’s family and try to save his son. On the other hand, time is different now. If newspapers/media keeps this case alive and local people stand up, there is nothing his dad can do. Don’t forget, elections are coming up and Modi will be running for PM, so he would make sure that justice is delivered.

      • Varun says:

        Ahmedabad traffic is one of the worst in the country. Citizens with no civic sense. When are we going to wake up. Traffic is managed by rag-tag recruits. Modi is not able to do anything about any these.

        • jui says:




      • dpppatel says:

        Iwould say we shoud boykot such lawyers and put a poster in city , for drinking liqur , he shoud be punished more sever, seating with him in car also shoud be punished for not tellinh him for slow driving. This is all about modern day car. People forget all.

    • Unknown says:

      To be very honest.. what ever happened is not good… if you see the mistake was done from both the ends. Vismay should not drive this fast.. and both the victim should not take the short cut to cross the road. they should have take the full round of the circle. Apart of that when they crossed the road, they should have see to there left if any vehicle is coming or not. According to me the major part of causing the accident was done by both the bike riders. they should have take the full round turn and should have see on the other side to make sure that road is clear to cross the road.. It was such a big car with a very power full head lights, any one can notice such a big car is coming from the other end.. The incident was started from bikers end.. It should be just a hit and run case.. not sentenced for 10 years.. that’s a very wrong justice..

  2. Bapty.s says:

    Very very sad. All these sure fast cars with powerful engines. And very fas pick up. Speed. Perhaps during days. Of ambassador and fiats there were lesser. Deaths. Due to speed driving. These problems need to be addressed. Very seriously, it brings bad name. To the city ,anywhere, to makers of such cars, MOST IMPORTANTLY. TO. GOOD RESPONSIBLE. DRIVERS. OF. SUCH CARS.


  3. GDV says:

    Make a rule. If Hit and Run driver is missing for more than 24 hours they were deemed as drunk driver.

  4. vijay says:

    His father Amit shah is also very corrupted person. During 1992-96 he opened several public limited companies (almost 20). e.g. world fintrade, indo-american optics, aisatic infrastructure,… He made 500-600 crores and disappeared for several years. He was also a partner of Harshad Mehta. Because of money police did not catch him.

  5. varun trivedi says:

    samast brahma samaj have to do some action we have to protest

  6. Informed Citizen (Amish) says:

    Who think Congress or bjp is behind for such culture, Let me tell you its absolutely wrong to say some political party has been the reason for this fatal accident. Let me come to the point its pure white paper case, This rich absolutely careless SOB was drunk and he went hiding to avoid any medical reports against him. We as the people and of course middle class (most of us) should protest and keep protesting. Because if we stop protesting and give up, We all know the real outcome .
    This is a shot for Ahmedabad police to improve police image by delivering the justice quick as possible and not taint it with some driver story. We are all aware of the facts and this is 21st century where information travels faster than the light.

  7. varun says:

    One more problem in Ahmedabad is, senseless driving.. People here doesn’t follow any rules of traffic. Not on 2-wheelers nor in cars. I’m basically from Ahmedabad, but I’ve also stayed in many big cities of India n I’ve noticed this 1 thing very well that traffic sense in Ahmedabad is worst among others. We should atleast try to obey some rules, if not all. Wearing good and strong helmet is very necessary, specially when you are on 2-wheelers. Any mislead can happen with u as well..

  8. Hem says:

    Vismay’s mistakes.. driving recklessly and then absconding the event place.
    bike drivers mistakes. again driving reckless, crossing the road without waiting for the oncoming traffic, and not going around the circle.

    In my mind, both were guilty. Vismay should not be prosecuted for manslaughter but just for reckless driving.
    in the case of biker, well he has already faced his punishment!

  9. Jay says:

    I am sorry to say but the guys on the motorbike did not even stop before making a right turn and they also were tryng to take a right turn from the wrong side of the circle. This is a sad case but it is not the drivers fault. He was going straight and the other guys were taking a right turn. THEY SHOULD HAVE STOPPED AND LOOKED BEFORE TURNING.

    • SRJ says:

      Jay, motorbike did not stop or even not seen while turning to right, that doesn’t mean car driver shall drive at 150 km/h on city and that to near crossing. and you said he was going straight so what biker has reached first their so the car driver has to stop if anybody is crossing its purely car driver’s fault.

  10. accept or reject ! says:

    If correct, the Kudarat will not spare any wrong doers…

  11. sunil says:

    no words to explain this incident, very very bad, in this case police has to honest in investigation, and not to get attracted towards Amit shah wealth.. People are watching..
    This guy must get punishment and not to get bail..
    In above comments, if Amit shah is corrupted person then all of his back records should opened for fresh investigation…. This black money is the cause of this accident…
    we recomend hard punishment for this to set an example for this kind of accidents….

  12. keyur says:

    we should do if govt will not do anything, in gujarat rich man can do anything, but we cant acept it, we have to do somethibg for that 2 boys who dead in accident,

  13. naushil mehta says:

    It is amazing to see how narrow minded people can become so over zealous and over excited to take their stand in this case without even bothering to look into the every single detail of the case.They have this urge to penalize the rich and powerful and make unsubstantiated assumption that two middle-class guys from hard working family on motorcycle must be innocent and rich guy in a fancy car must be at guilty and at fault.Did you even care to investigate on your own,looked at the video that reveals the details about the incident before so naively ,blindly and irrationally stating your opinion?

    Watch the video from 4th second to 6th second.Look at that duration of two seconds for at least 5 times and you’ll notice the bike traveling in the wrong direction.If you ask me the two guys on the motorcycle are at fault.What the hell were they doing driving on the wrong side?May be they were drunk?High on drugs?Did you care to look at the autopsy report of two bodies slain?No one cares to find that out.

    Yes I agree that the car is going at a breakneck speed but it’s late night. In America you don’t always have to follow the posted speed limit rule given in the book.If the posted speed limit is 65 mph and the road is open and not busy you can legally drive at a higher speed than posted speed limit of 65.In America During late night everyone drives at over 80 mph totally legally.

    I have noticed that whenever the two parties involved in the case are obscenely rich and powerful on one side and a middle class on the other,there is a tendency in Indian culture and society to act naive and immature and jump the gun. Society will always blame the rich and powerful and deem middle class party as innocent without even minutely looking into the details of the case .Indian middle class has lot of jealousy and hatred toward rich and affluent.

    let me know what you think.I totally welcome criticism.
    naushil at mail dot com.

    • Sameer says:

      Mr. Naushil Mehta,

      I totally understand your point here and I agree that both the parties involved should be investigated. Maybe the 2 guys on the bike were drunk or high too. Or maybe the guy in the car was drunk.

      But as a matter of fact, if the guy in the car was not drunk or if he thought it was legal to drive so fast at a crossroad, he could have atleast stopped and took the injured guys to the hospital. Instead he was on the run for 2 days? Why? To avoid the alcohol test? And when he finally surrendered do you see any remorse on his face? As yourself these questions and judge.

      And I live in the United States and I know how people drive here. IT IS COMMON SENSE TO SLOW DOWN AT A CROSSROAD (There are STOP signs at each and every crossroad in US). You are allowed to drive slightly over speed limits, only on the freeways and not at a crossroad inside the city. So I would say please get your facts right before presenting your thoughts.

    • not important says:

      so Mr. naushil, i dont know much about u, but i give u a few options as to wht kind of a person you probably are; 1) u r either the extremely rich kinds who thinks god has been super unfair to u because poor daddy earned a lot and u dont know where to spend it at and in return u probably have to be looked down upon (obviously wrongfully, with no mistake of ur own)as ppl tend to see u as a spoilt brat…or 2) u r the one who loves licking the behind of the rich and powerful in order to probably get ur work done or jst coz u r probably in access of a lot of butter these days…because if neither of these two given options, u r just a hind-sighted, narrow minded, probably even an attention seeker, who craves to get the attention by just saying something soo stupid, that it is beyond any sense at all…i normally do not have enough time to put any sense into people like you, but i guess u can be the one good deed i do today…let us go through ur “over zealous” comment…
      firstly, no one says that the 2 guys frm middle class were hard working or whtever…everyone (sorry, normal HUMANS) jst feel bad and remorse for the family, which obviously the likes of u cant feel…
      secondly, did u see the video clearly or not?…basic physics and clear brains will tell u wht the speed of the car was, and if u have ANY road sense, u can probably use that to judge that the speed was not wht is shud be! and really!…are u kidding me!…u r blaming the biker for taking a wrong turn (hello!, how many times have u taken such a turn?! did someone come n hit u n blow u into the air?) and sympathizing with this “rich and powerful” daddy’s boy who is under speculation because he is rich?!…get real dude…and stop gaining sympathy by giving useless senseless logic here…
      and do not talk abt US and the laws, had this happened in another country, u n i both know, the driver wud have been behind bars at this moment, no matter how rich of poor he is…so please, lets stop pretending and jst accept wht the fact is…the rich n powerful are treated differenly in this country and you, my friend, shud stop trying to act different and say stupid things jst to be different and start reading between the lines and fingers!

    • SRJ says:

      ala America ni kya karas Amdavad ni kar ne, ane jo tu America ma ho to ahini chinta karvanu muki de

    • rajesh choudhary says:

      M totally agree with u mr. Mehta

    • Mihir says:

      Wow, couple of point
      1. Its totally false that in US you can drive above speed limit legally if the road is empty. No where in USA it is allowed. Not late nor on open highway its allowed
      2. Look at video again, what is said to be driving on wrong side? Yes the bikers made wrong turn and they are at fault to not go after the circle
      3. Yes do the postmortem of body and see if they were drunk or not, if they were you will punish them? Well punishment has been already be given.

      Last not the least please explain why your friend Vismay (well you might not know him but I dont think anyone other than his well wisher can say what you have said) was hiding for 3 days? Do you have any explanation?

      If he was innocent then why didnt he turned himself in right then?

      Yes we the middle class jump gun to rich in this case because rich manipulate the evidence especially in this case. Thanks for drawing comparison to USA, it would not have taken 3 days for USA police to capture the involved party and USA law would not be that weak to not punish who run away from scene. I know for the fact that he will be out on road again within year or less. I know for the fact knowing him, he or his attitude will be changed. BTW he was given ticket for driving at 120 few months before as well, for your kind information.

    • little correction says:

      The cops generally allow 10 over the speed limit so should be 75 and not 80.
      Driving over 80 is a federal crime, where the person has to appear in court of the county he/she was caught speeding.

      Punishment may include: driver’s license cancelled for 3 months, or jail time.

  14. vyas jaydev. says:

    dear friend.
    Jo kuch bhi huva vo sahi nahi huva hai.
    Aaj logo ka aakrosh dekh ke vismay shah surender to ho chuka hai,lekin kuch dino me aapke samne vo BMW leke nazar aayega.kyuki woh ek amir aadmi hai or jiski deth hui vo dono ladke midel class hai.or is duniya me midel class valo ka koi nahi hota hai.

    Right ?

  15. tapan says:

    guys why its it that if a car his a two Wheeler the car driver is blamed and even if a rash biker his a car still the car driver has to bear the blame.in most cases in ahmedabad I’ve noticed that people who stop to help the accident victims start blaming the car owners in such a way add if he has committed some sin by purchasing a four Wheeler. why don’t people use their common sense while driving ?? so many times people on bikes try to over take buses without thinking of the poor bus drivers who have to handle such a big vehicle on such busy roads and if if something bad happens they start thrashing the bus driver.this is unfair. a person on a smaller vehicle should always keep in mind that a bigger vehicle need more space and while over taking such vehicles people should keep safe distances.

  16. nirmal shah says:

    those who helped vismay abscond from the crash should also be accused of the crime,its common knowledge that vismays bussiness partner and friend of vismays father is the person who picked vismay from the crash she als ocleaned the steering and removed his belongings from the car..this person is miss sejal shah.

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