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Narendra Modi’s India Today Conclave 2013 Speech (Video)

Ahmedabad, 16 March 2013

He talked about need to change approach of the government, he talked about need to change the mindset, he gave examples of innovations that are tried in Gujarat, he talked about need to involve people in government tasks, in interactive session, he replied the questions of left-right-center people. Two hours and seven minutes was the time he spoke, communicated through a video film and interacted.Watch the India Today Conclave 2013 video of Narendra Modi’s speech and interaction here.

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  1. db says:

    in 20th century india gave a leader called “M.K.Ghandhi” to world and his philosophy is still live and useful to world. many might don’t know but world is still using MKG philosophy right now.
    same in 21st century india gave great political leader to world who name is N.D.Modi (namo). future world will learn or inspire and take world in correct direction.
    today only one political person who know all over world is namo. I don’t understand why some people inside from india don’t have the mind set and can not feel the proud of india.

  2. Nikhil says:

    Narendra Modi ji should be the PM of India. He has ability to lead India in a good direction as a good PM.

  3. vijay singh says:

    Narendra Modi indeed best candidate for PM post.He is or likely to be the son of soil.
    For the sake of the people and country he should have been declared as Prime ministerial candidate.I wish to look forward to see him as PM.

  4. shivam says:

    good modi many knowledege for students of twenty first century

  5. uttam says:

    80% speech repeat since last two years…..

    • Malaya Kumar Samal says:

      Phir bhi akal ke andhey minister log uska 2% bhi kaam pe nehin laga sakhey…

    • t_edward786 says:

      Your name will be repeated for years, till you don’t change that ….. Do you expect him to change his statements like our national damaad or prince every month (and that too, written by someone else)???

    • Kalit says:

      So what? If the situation being discussed is the same, the answers cannot change to please morons!

    • NILESH says:

      Bhai Uttam,
      Samsung lanch new S4 (iPhone6 will come soon too). Point is, good changes happens slow and bad things happens fast. As they ROME wasn’t built in a day !!!

      So NaMo giving you 20% new every two years (as per your your maths). Hope he continues the same whether you like it or not.

      Jai Hind, Jai NaMo

    • db says:

      uttam, check namo speech of india today concl.. 2008. it is different then this one.
      also what he said in 2008 is right even after 5 years while all other proved wrong.

  6. r k sharma says:

    I always like named range modi’s comments c

  7. Jyoti says:

    The best speech i’ve ever heard. Everyone at the conclave was mesmerized. When NaMo reached,there was near stampede.

    • subhadip sadhukhan says:

      our muslim people are not ready to accept narendra modi.they need people like mulayam singh rahul gandhi those who will play with tjeir sentiment and keep them in dark hostile slum area.
      few of them are placed in top gun for vote bank policy.Those muslim belief in their ability vote for modi.These govt. will give importance to meritocracy and hard working people rather than the lobbyist….
      think about it…

  8. sriniwash tiwari says:

    narendra modi hi india ko aaj upar utha skte hai. congres to kha gayi hai..

  9. san says:

    -Just compare the Modi’s speech reporting in yahoo and the congress-sponsored TOI.
    -Whereas Modi’s utterances were reported in yahoo unabridged, TOI managed to twist the reporting by bringing its own idea on 2002 riots and muslim appeasement!
    -Just compare!

  10. Aasif says:

    No other Politicians has the vision and will like Narendra Modi. Really respect this visionary for his foresight. If got a chance, he will definitly make a huge help to the country.

  11. Aasif says:

    Shri Modi talks sense. All the sentences highlighted in this write-up are gems of wisdom.

  12. Ashok Bhutani says:

    Mr Narendra Modi has great vision & his main aim to do for his country.

  13. devki says:

    Shri Narendra Modi is FULL PACKAGE … Great leader,Patriot with great love n proud for his nation with true intention to bring development,employment,integrity, harmony and global respect for the nation, INDIA/BHARAT. I salute him.

  14. sudheer says:

    Pls god make Modi the Next PM of India

  15. db says:

    Hi Deshgujarat,

    I notice that this video not allow to watch in USA. it says copyright by aajtak and it is blocked for your country.
    why it is block for USA. possible it is blocked for other country too..

    how come political discussion become proprietary..

  16. RAKESH GAUTAM says:

    modi is a full new technology man poltician

  17. Shailesh says:

    Man, I was blown away by his vision, his idea of development, governance and his passion to do something for India. He is a true nationalist and very inspiring hero for all of us. I was bit skeptical till now, but after witnessing his wisdom, vision and his perseverance, I’m quite sure he is the MAN to lead India and get rid of the filth that our country is having. Jai Hind!!!

  18. db says:

    Narendra Modi speech at India Today Conclave 2008 was also vary good.

  19. mashaikh says:

    modiji is visionary,

    he has passion for change, vision to change, ability to change. hats off to him–

  20. naresh says:

    NAMO truly deserve to be Next PM of India.

    Salaam to Mr.Modi….We ARE PROUD OF YOU

  21. Murari Pandey says:

    Modiji is not only a visionary but also a practical man to do the things with whatever is available unlike Nitish Kumar who wants spl package to develop Bihar. He should learn the things from Modiji. I would rather suggest even Akhilesh to go to gujrat to learn the lesson of governance.

  22. Rakesh saini says:

    I reqs all muslim bhai plz give one chance for modi and modi change all india and make india no one in world…..jai hind

  23. rohan says:

    What a speech , what an orator , real visionary , true patriot , great leader who leads from the front . His innovations are amazing , confidence is unbelievable . The gestures like drinking water while speaking etc are oozing with confidence . A rock star like performance. India must vote him to power , he must be given a chance only then India will be saved or else the day is not far when we will be ruled by Italian mafia ..

  24. Laxman says:

    great speech sir all congression silent

  25. Dinakara Rai says:

    I really appreciate him because of his confidence in his work and faith that is bring him to no 1 Chief minister. And also i pray to GOD give him to serve all Indian people and bring up the youth by Best and Best Indian Youth.

  26. rakesh says:

    every true indian will vote for him,for the next PM.


    this is a speech directs our politics towards true development beyond cast religion . He never talk about his cast…always talks about nation so how pseudo- secularist digest…sadhuwad modi ji

  28. imran says:

    he is a man who lead india with own his hand so plz all indian wishes namo declared as pm and we all maximum voting in his favoure and become him pm
    of india…plz my muslim bro..

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