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Gujarat Right of Citizens to Public Services Bill 2013 passed unopposed

By our correspondent, Gandhinagar, 1 April 2013

Gujarat Assembly today passed the Gujarat Right of Citizens to Public Services Bill 2013 unopposed. A new law as per this bill will give right to people for getting government services in prescribed time limit. People will get right for solution of their complain in this regard.

“If in prescribed period, services are not provided, the citizen will have right to file complain before an official appointed to handle such complains. If such official fails to resolve the issue, the citizen will be able to file complaint before local and later before the state level authority,” said Minister Nitin Patel.

“The state government will appoint Fariyad Nivaran Adhikari in all administrative offices as per need arises.Such official will receive the complains and resolve them in prescribed time period,” he further said.

The minister also said that in the case of failure to resolve the issue, the officer will be fined between Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000. The amount of fine will be cut from his salary.

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  1. Pankaj says:

    Good move but it sounds half hearted. I am a BJP supporter. No Law with loop hole is useful as you haven’t specified time limit.

  2. jain says:

    Looks good on paper. But, will it actually work? I gave an assigment to anti corruption, gujarat, unfortunately, no results.

  3. Alpesh says:

    Really great initiative, keep going Mr Nitin Patel.

  4. H M Suthar says:

    will be useful and people will be benefited only if the implementation is really quick and 100% result oriented. if it fails the government will be at loss on governance issue.

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