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Modi’s civic reception venue changed in Kolkata

Kolkata, 2 April 2013

BJP had planned civic reception for Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi at a government-run Netaji Indoor Stadium in Koklata during his visit on April 9, but party has now alleged that the Mamata Banerjee government has denied permission to the event.

State BJP spokesman Ritesh Tiwari claimed that in mid-March, it was told by authorities that the venue was available but later on it was told that booking was not open on that date.

State party President Rahul Sinha wrote a letter to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee requesting her to see that the stadium was made available for a civic reception programme for Modi who is a guest, but someone from CM’s office informed us that the stadium could not be made available on that day since it was booked by a private party long back.Now the state BJP would hold a party workers’ convention with Modi at Mahajati Sadan in Kolkata.

Modi is scheduled to address captains of industry in the city on April nine in a meeting jointly organised by MCC Chamber of Commerce, Indian Chamber of Commerce and Bharat Chamber of Commerce.

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  1. shilpy says:

    mamta banerjee’s govt is strongly anti-hindu.
    a great hindu leader of note in bengal, mr. tapan ghosh, has been kept in jail for over 18 days on trumped up charges.
    he was released today just hours earlier on bail.

    india is beling islamized from the east, and christianized from the south.

  2. Kes says:

    Just as an advice to Modi from a supporter –

    Mr. Modi should not get into any political activity (such as campaigning for elections in Karnataka, or speeches here & there) for the next 2.5 months. He should say that he is exclusively focused on solving the water problem in parts of Gujarat.

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