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Local level scam in Sukhdi distribution programme to pregnant women

Junagadh, 11 May, 2013

Nutritious supplement in the form of traditional Sukhdi sweet was never distributed among pregnant women, but fake bills worth Rs 7,80,000 were created and claimed by Anganwadi workers and sevika. The District Development Officer(DDO) of Junagadh is probing this alleged scam involving Visavadar taluks’s anganwadi schools, on complain received by Anganwadi workers.

Visavadar ICDS branch distributes nutritious Sukhdi sweet to pregnant ladies as nutritious suppliment, but recently allegations were made that Sukhdi sweet was not distributed in last two and half years and bills were generated. Anganwadi women workers alleged that main sevika prompted them to produce fake bills.

During the probe, some instances were uncovered where women who were operated for family planning ten years back were shown as pregnant beneficiary of Sukhdi sweet programme.

ICDS programme officer has received complain in this regard and probe is going on under the supervision of DDO.

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  1. param sneh says:

    Anganvadi organisations are full of corruption, everywhere. No surprise to me!! Good that it is being obvious and visible to everyone.

  2. Nesh Patel says:

    Unfortunately corruption has sipped into the psyche of Indians.
    Its a disease for which a lasting cure has to be found.

    Congress is the originator of this disease in India, BJP has to
    guard that they don’t become complacent.

  3. H M Suthar says:

    work culture of government servants has to be changed. Strict vigil and prompt actions against the civil servants indulging into such activities and also the political class supporting these elements is must to cure this malice.

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