Updates on Gujarat government’s relief operation in Uttarakhand

Gandhinagar, 20 June 2013

Gujarat government is in continuous touch with Uttarakhand functionaries to help the pilgrims stranded in the flood-affected areas. A team headed by Relief Commissioner Punamchand Parmar has contacted the Uttarakhand government and is coordinating with it to help the Gujarati pilgrims.

State government has started a help-camp at the Gayatri Parviar’s Shantikunj ashram in Rishikesh. As many as 21 pilgrims of Uttarkashi and 4 pilgrims of Kedarnath have taken shelter in this camp. Help-camp can be contacted on the phone numbers 09258-369734 and 09258-360930.

State’s Chief Secretary has asked the Uttarakhand Chief Secretary to give death certificate to the parents, heirs or co-pilgrims of those Gujarati pilgrims who have died. The Uttarkashi route which has been opened now will reach Haridwar-Daheradoon via Tihari-Chamba. About 10,000 people who have started moving from Uttarkashi, Chinali, Saur and Nalopani will reach Haridvar by morning.

Arrangements have been made keeping in contact with the district magistrate of Uttarkashi to airlift about 56 pilgrims from Bhavnagar near Janki Chatti, Jamnotri. Five pilgrims from Gujarat who went to chardham pilgrimage have been rescued by airlift. The government of Gujarat is standing by the victim pilgrims and citizens with humane empathy.

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