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Digvijay one of few good people in Congress: Shatrughan Sinha(Video)

Patna, 1 August 2013

BJP Lok Sabha MP Shatrughan Sinha today said that Digvijay Sinah is one of the few good leaders of Congress. He said Uma Bharti is good person but she is moody, and it is well known.

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  1. pravendra patel says:

    I can’t see the video anymore there is some technical problem using chrom win7 64

    pravendra patel

  2. KANT says:

    One OINK (PIG) is praising another OINK (PIG)….
    THIS Mr. S. Sinha is not BRIGHT…He just makes comment to stay in limelight to fool people…
    MR. OINK DIGGY is the most hated,disliked person in nation….Only MEDIA praises him….BECAUSE MEDIA is paid,corrupt and purchased…..HE will never comment about that his NAME is there in BLACK MONEY holder in Swiss bank accounts…JAY HIND…..
    Mr. S. Sinha, I am not excited about your comments… I expected this kind of comment form person like you…. YOU know your speech well because you are an actor…..MOST actors have no intelligence…. THEY only follow what DIRECTORS say and act without THINKING….JAY HIND….

  3. uttam says:

    iska magaz satiya gaya hai .isko jaldi bahar nikalo congress me bharti kardo…..

  4. SeaLion says:

    The bloody villain this man says if popularity is criteria make Big B President. I think he is another Bihari Laloo and Nitish. Bhikahari, remember what Sanjay Khan said to you.. Tum saale Gande Bihari acting vacting kya jaano. By the way digvijay is as good as you.Sonakshi Sinha a product of wedlock between S Sinha and Reena Roy you are so good, like Dogvijay..Maybe Pigvijay is tied with your family in a similar relationship

  5. SeaLion says:

    He is Advani’s man, and Advani is a SONIA Lapdog. After all Advani’s daughter is a converted christian and Advani is a purchased man. Gujaratis should see to it he does not win from Gandhinagar

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