“Divided We Stand”: The Rebirth of Britain

Marketing is an art, and marketing a *country* is some wild, covert, fantastically conceived and implemented craftsmanship. And in the realm of marketing, if you’re a country like the United Kingdom, its like you need to bring a gun to a knife-fight. Co-authored by Iffat Shaikh and Harsh Vijay Wargiya, here’s a peek into the basket of the British marketing techniques, honed better especially after its historic divorce from the European Union.

UK Afoot

The union of Europe is no longer so united. The 52% votes in favor of “Leave” in the historic referendum in June 2016, leaves the United Kingdom on the front line of some minor relaxations and some major changes. The political and economic upheaval arising out of the disentanglement of Britain from the Union has posed a host of questions on the status and attractiveness of the country in the current times.
In such a state of affairs, the nation is juggling the two precious bottles of complete policy reorientation and covert yet prodigious marketing of the country globally. The terms of Britain’s exit will have to be agreed by 27 national parliaments, a process which could take some years. Britain’s positioning in the Union and the global economy at large, substantially depends on the kind of deal it strikes with the EU.

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