Around half a dozen trains affected on Mumbai-Ahmedabad down line as coupling of goods train broke

Surat: Over half a dozen trains including Bandra-Kanpur Express were affected owing to disruption of traffic on Ahmedabd-Mumbai down line caused by a minor mishap near Kosamba railway station in Surat this morning.

The railway spokesperson of Vadodara division of Western Railway today said that the coupling between two bogies of a goods trains broke at around 8 am on the down line.

Though fortunately no derailment took place yet it took around 2 hours to re-couple the bogie number 8 and 9. The train had got divided in to two parts owing the incident. As a result at least 5 trains on the down line including Bandra- Kanpur express, Valsad-Dahod Intercity, Ahmedabad Express were kept halted at various close-by places. Some other trains also ran late by a small margin of time, he said.

The traffic on the down line was restored completely by 10 am, he said.


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