Gujarat flood: 17,774 rescued, 1,12,878 shifted, 526 roads affected,145 dead

Gandhinagar: Gujarat government has issued yet another bulletin on the situation of flood-hit areas of the State. As per the details shared by Relief Commissioner A.J.Shah:

– 20 lakh food packets are distributed in Banaskantha and Patan districts. Of which 3,84,000 food packets distributed using helicopters. A central control room has been set up at Jagana in Palanpur for food packets distribution.

– 33 teams of NDRF, 5 columns of Army, 17 choppers of Indian Air Force, 11 teams of SDRF, 18 parties of BSF, fire brigade and local administration machinery is active in flood rescue and relief works.

– 17,774 people are rescued so far.

– 59,119 are shifted to safer places in Banaskantha and Patan districts.

– 21,222 are shifted to safer places in other districts.

– In total 1,12,878 people are shifted to safer places.

– 3 national highways, 17 state highways, 452 panchayat roads, 54 other roads – in total 526 roads are affected.

– 753 villages had power loss. Of which power has been restored in 722 villages. Only 31 villages are now without power. 147 restoration teams are working to restore power.

– 134 additional tankers are moved to Banakantha district for water supply.

– 883 health teams have survey 20 lakh people. Of them 22,673 are treated on the spot.

– 90 health officers and 40 health workers are active in flood-hit areas of Banaskantha and Patan districts.

– 225 health officers and 2012 health workers have covered 2.5 lakh people under survey.

– Enough storage of medicines, chlorine tablets, ORS and other life saving drug is available.

– The latest death toll is 145.

– Dead bodies of 4,170 cattle are disposed off.

– Gujarat has received 79.26% rain as on today.

– Out of total 203 reservoirs, 34 are 100% full, 7 are 91-99% full, 15 are 80-90% full, 19 are 70-80% full, 128 are below 70% full.


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