Shivkumar teared documents when IT sleauths reached resort, torn papers recovered in Panchnama: Jaitley in Lok Sabha

New Delhi: In response to Congress MPs raising questions over Income Tax search on 39 locations of Karnataka minister DK Shivkumar including one resort in which 44 Gujarat MLAs are kept by Gujarat Congress ahead of Rajya Sabha elections scheduled to take place on August 8, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley speaking at Lok Sabha said: No resort or Gujarat MLA has been searched or contacted. Karnataka minister and his allies are facing searches at 39 locations. One individual(Karnataka minister DK Shivkumar) who was to be searched(by Income Tax department) reached a resort when search was going on at his residence. When search is conducted a person is confronted and asked to give statement. He was hiding at a place and therefore Income Tax officials reached there to bring him to his residence to take his statement. When they reached there he was tearing up documents. Torn papers and documents that were being torn were also recovered in Panchnama. Don’t link it to some election in Gujarat but to economic offense.

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