Unable to understand why Congress is clapping at Hafiz’s release in Pakistan:Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that he was unable to understand as to why Congress was celebrating with claps the release of Pakistani terrorist Hafiz Saeed by a Pakistani court.

Addressing a public rally here, Modi said, “A Pakistani court released a Pakistani terrorist and the Congress is clapping. I was unable to understand why?”

Last week, a Pakistani court had released global terrorist and mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai attack Hafiz Saeed after the Pakistani government decided against detaining him further in any other case. Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi had tweeted after that taking a jibe relating it with Modi-Trump public hugs.

Bringing up the Doklam face-off with China which lasted for 73 days issue, the Prime Minister said even during the tension, the Congress leader (Rahul Gandhi) who was clapping at Hafiz’s release went and hugged with the Chinese Ambassador to India. “I understand why he was had done so,’ he said.

Modi said the Congress had refused to believe Indian soldiers when they conducted surgical strike against the terrorists launch pad in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) last year. He said that a leading newspaper wrote that truck loads of dead bodies were carried out from the area after the strike but those who pose for photos during their fake feasts in poor’s families asked for video or photo. Did the army go for a film shooting there,’ he said.

Invoking the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai and the attack on the base camp in Uri last year, he said the way India responded showed the difference between the Congress and BJP governments.

On demonetisation, the Prime Minister said, “Congress is unhappy about demonetisation even after passage of a year since it was first implemented as if the only earning son of a family had died. They keep attacking me but I want to tell them that I have grown up in the same land as Sardar Patel. I will ensure that the poor get their due. We will not allow this nation to be looted.”

Hitting out at the Congress for not ensuring Narmada waters for people, Mr Modi remarked, “What if the Narmada waters had come to Kutch 30 years earlier? It would have made such a big difference in the lives of people here.”

Further, attacking the Congress for spreading lies and creating an atmosphere of pessimism, he said, “ I had long back written a poem that Gujarat is my Atma, Bharat is my Parmatma. This land of Gujarat is mother of mine and has cared for me; Gujarat has given me strength… They are coming to Gujarat and spreading lies about a son of Gujarat. Earlier they did that with Sardar Patel also and it was tolerated showing leniency. But now time has changed and Gujarat will never accept this. No Gujarati will accept lies that they are spreading.”

Congress only talked about one family and they were not concerned about welfare of people and the country, he added.

“Does any Congress leader talk about Kamraj, Acharya Kripalani, Subhas Babu, UN Dhebar (who belonged to Gujarat)…no because they only talk about one family…” Mr Modi said speaking about the complain of Congress as to why he did not take names of Nehru during his addresses.

He also shed light on various development works which have been carried out by the BJP-led government. “The development work in Kutch after the 2001 quake is for all to see. Agriculture sector is flourishing. People from the nation are coming here to enjoy the Rann Utsav. The ports of Kutch are handling tremendous traffic. They have become the getaways to India. Due to ports in Kutch commerce is getting a boost,” he added.


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