Rameshbhai Oza at HSSF admires values in Hindu faith, express concern over negative news dominating media

Ahmedabad: Speaking at Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair here, Bhagwad kathakar Shri Rameshbhai Oza today said, the message of Hindu scriptures and Shrimad Bhagwad mainly consists in three lines; 1. how human should behave with fellow human being, how human should behave with lives other than human and how human should behave with nature.

Rameshbhai said Hindu is a thought process and culture and not religion and therefore one can be Hindu even if he/she doesn’t believe in God, even if he/she doesn’t visit temple, even if he/she doesn’t believe in religion.

Speaking about human relations with nature in Hindu culture, Rameshbhai said, ‘Shitala is disease but we have made temples of Shitala mata and placed donkey as her vehicle. We call Shakti as Sherawali ma and place tiger as her vehicle, we observe Matsya god in fishes, we have peacock, rooster, camel, swan etc as vehicles of Goddesses.’

Bhaishri stressed for respect for all faiths but power to safeguard own faith against attack by others.

Rameshbhai said, untouchability is nowhere mentioned in Veda. Labour class is compared with foot of Virat Narayana. We tend to rush for touching the foot of Narayana, we worship his foot. We walk because of foot and without foot life doesn’t work. That is the importance of foot.

To media

Rameshbhai spoke in great detail about negative news in media. He said media would go to cover negative news by itself but would need to be invited to cover positive news. Some positive news get attention in media which is good but the front page is very much occupied by negative news. One would need to take depression pill after reading the newspaper. At least some positive news should be placed in the newspapers to save people from depression, in order to continue their belief in good people and good activities.

‘Media has social responsibility. People need to inform about good works. Media persons when come to witness our activities tell us that you do so many good activities but your PR work is zero. We in reply say it is out samskar. We don’t want to beat drums about our services. But it is therefore media’s responsibility to go to the sadhus and saints to report their good works because sadhu and saints are otherwise not going to beat drums about good works being done by them on their own.’

‘The stones among mung beans attract your attention, but just for the need to throw them out. That’s it. The stones deserve only that much attention and they can’t forever get constant attention at the cost of mung beans,’ Ramesh Bhai said in reference to media behavior of giving coverage to negative things(persons and incidents).


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