Go Air plane suffers bird hit at Ahmedabad airport, passengers safe, flight cancelled

Ahmedabad: Ahmedabad-Delhi Go Air flight number G8 720 suffered bird-hit today morning when departing for Delhi from Ahmedabad airport. The flight was scheduled to depart at 8.25 am and reach Delhi at 9.55. Soon after departure, it was found that the flight had suffered bird-hit which had caused problem in aircraft’s left engine. The flight landed back at Ahmedabad airport. All 166 passengers were safe. The flight has been cancelled for now as aircraft would need repairing. The passengers are likely to be shifted to another flight later today.

Meanwhile the passengers said they were bring offered tomorrow’s tickets as only 10 seats were left in today’s Go Air Ahmedabad – Delhi flights. One gentleman said, ‘I have to attend wedding today in Delhi, and it’s meaningless to be offered tomorrow’s air ticket. I am seeking refund but they are not giving refund as per the rates of flight seat today. Today’s rate is Rs 20,000. I had bought ticket for Rs 1300. If they give refund of just Rs 1300, I can’t catch another flight because today’s ticket cost in other flights is Rs 20,000.’

Another gentleman said,’I have meeting today evening scheduled in Delhi. The other flights of Go Air on Ahmedabad-Delhi route today had vacancy of just 10 seats. They allotted these ten seats, but other passengers are being offered tomorrow’s ticket or refund.’


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