MS University to give Buddha relics to Sri Lanka on loan

Vadodara: MS University syndicate meeting took decision to give Lord Buddha’s ashes to Sri Lanka on loan.

The decision was taken after union Culture ministry gave assurance for safety of ashes.

Lord Buddha’s ashes is proud possession with M S University’s Department of Archaeology and Ancient History.

In late 1950s, a team of archaeologists from MSU had guessed that a ‘stupa’ and a ‘vihara’ were lying beneath two mounds in Devni Mori, a village in North Gujarat that was going to be submerged in 1957 for construction of a dam. It was on January 14, 1963, that the relic casket containing bodily remains of ‘Dashabala’ (Buddha) was discovered. A line on the inscription on the casket identified the relics within: Dashabala Sharira Nilayaha – This is the abode of the relics of Dashabala.


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