Ahmedabad – Bangkok flight of Spicejet suffers tyre burst during take-off

Ahmedabad: A SpiceJet aircraft suffered a tyre burst during take-off at Ahmedabad airport.

The flight, SG-85, was on its way to Bangkok. Officials said the passengers had been deplaned. The flight had 188 passengers. They all are safe.

The runway was blocked by affected aircraft, due to which 4 arrivals had been diverted, departures delayed.


The runway of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel international airport here remained blocked for over 3 hours this evening and at least seven incoming flights diverted and several delayed when tyre of a Bangkok-bound SpiceJet flight burst before taking off .

Airport Director Manoj Gangal said that the tyre of aircraft of flight number SG 085 Ahmadabad to Bangkok burst on runway during take off roll at 1928 IST, Runway was blocked. All 188 passengers were safe and deplaned. The aircraft was towed away from runway and it was made available for normal flight operation at 2241hrs. 7 arrivals were diverted and departures delayed. Few arrivals hold over Ahmadabad.