Gujarat government launches 181 Abhayam helpline mobile app

Gandhinagar: The Government of Gujarat today launched mobile application for ‘Abhayam’ 181 helpline service for women. The application is available on google play store and IOS both major platforms.

With this app in mobile phone, a woman in distress would be able to contact the helpline just by pushing a panic button. Shaking the mobile phone will also make call to helpline. If call is made through mobile app, caller’s exact location will be available to response centre through google map. Telephone counselor will therefore not need to ask the details of location to reach which will make rescue work quicker.

A woman who needs help will also be able to send photo or video as evidence to helpline centre using the app. As soon as 181 button in app is pressed, five relatives of woman in distress will automatically get message.

When helpline is dialed through app, three addresses will be received by helpline centre; 1. the place from where call is generated, 2. the address registered with SDR telecom service provider and 3. the address which is mentioned while registering in application.

181 helpline service functions round the clock. The service stores telephone conversation through voice logger. All communication is kept secret. Abhayam helpline service is equipped with google map support, CCT technology, LAN/WAN network, GPS technology attached rescue van and more.

Coordination with child helpline, Mahila Aayog helpline, 100 and 108 services make rescue effort more effective and quicker. The service has 45 rescue vans with trained counselors. It has helped over 4 lakh women according to figures available from government. Abhayam rescue van has visited the spots to help 82,353 women. On the spot counseling has been done in 50,925 cases. In 24,206 serious cases, women have been taken to police station, nari gruh, hospital, NGO, protection officer, free legal assistance centre etc places in rescue vans.


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