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Movie Review : Vitamin She

July 27, 2017
Movie Review : Vitamin She

Needed more Vitamin ‘C’, Creativity By Jayesh Adhyaru Every love story has its own problems, but every ‘rom-com’ aka romantic comedy movie has almost the same pattern. Boy meets girl, they have initial friction, but eventually, they fall for each other, they start ignoring friends. Everything looks rosy, but only then some unresolved parental issues/commitment phobia show up, love evaporates and fights-misunderstandings take its place. When the protagonist realiz...Read More

Film Review of Karsandas Pay And Use

May 20, 2017
Film Review of Karsandas Pay And Use

By Jayesh Adhyaru Go and relax In spite of clichéd star-crossed love story, superb performances and an amazing eye for detailing entertain us. We know how Salim-Anarkali fell in love. We know how Veeru wooed Basanti. We know how Raj-Rashmi of ‘QSQT’ and Prem-Suman of ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ rebelled against their families. We fell in love with Raj-Simran, Geet-Aditya or Kabir-Naina. These great love stories of Bollywood had set in glossy locations from Ooty, Manali to Europe. Most of...Read More

Gujarati movie Wrong Side Raju review

September 09, 2016
Gujarati movie Wrong Side Raju review

Keep Calm And Wait For The Climax By Jayesh Adhyaru It obviously becomes news when the pied piper of new ‘urban’ Gujarati cinema Abhishek Jain brings his new movie. But wait. This time, he is in the producer’s chair with a big company of Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane fame ‘Phantom Films.’ A close associate of Abhishek Jain, young debutante director Mikhil Musale has worn a director’s cap this time. We are served with a thriller drama named ‘Wrong Side Raju’ inspired f...Read More

Review of Gujarati play Samudra Manthan

March 13, 2016

By Jayesh Adhyaru This experimental drama scores on its music, performances, and packaging DariyaChhoru You know the expectations are high when well-known playwright Aditi Desai brings a new play. Gujarati audience knows her as the creator of critically acclaimed plays like ‘Kasturba’, ‘Akoopar’ and ‘Agneekanya.’ Now she takes us on the voyage with her new play ‘Samudramanthan.’ It’s somewhat new experience for us to see broadway like singing and dancing clubbed in...Read More

Review of Gujarati film Hu Tu Tu Tu – Aavi Ramat Ni Rutu

January 01, 2016
Review of Gujarati film  Hu Tu Tu Tu – Aavi Ramat Ni Rutu

By Jayesh Adhyaru A crash course on commodity market! Despite all the clichés and over simplicity, this movie is a welcome change in urban Gujarati films Sensex is the seventh sense of Gujaratis. But we haven’t had a Gujarati film dedicated to our love for the stock market so far. This new urban Gujarati film ‘Hu TuTuTu – Aavi Ramat Ni Rutu’ is perhaps the first film on the backdrop of the commodity market. It breaks monotony of mindless, double meaning comedies and presents comp...Read More

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