Two including one from Gujarat held for giving death threats to Mukesh Ambani

Gandhinagar: Two individuals, one from Telangana and another from Gujarat, were arrested today for sending threatening emails to industrialist Mukesh Ambani.

In Gujarat, a student named Rajveer Khant was arrested for sending three consecutive threatening emails to Mukesh Ambani, demanding money. Rajveer, a BCom graduate with a good understanding of computers, sent these emails from an ID namely [email protected]. He increased the ransom amount from Rs 200 crore initially to Rs 400 crore eventually in emails.

A senior police official from the Mumbai Crime Branch confirmed the arrest and stated, “We have arrested an individual based in Gujarat who was in control of [email protected] and was responsible for sending the threatening emails to the industrialist.”

Earlier in the day, Mumbai’s Gamdevi police had apprehended Ganesh Ramesh from Telangana, who had demanded Rs 500 crore in his threats, sent from a different email ID. This case was linked to an earlier one involving threats to Mukesh Ambani. The accused was apprehended and presented in court, where he was remanded to police custody until November 8.

On October 27, an email was sent to Mukesh Ambani, demanding Rs 20 crore and threatening his life. Subsequent emails raised the ransom to Rs 200 crore and then Rs 400 crore, citing a lack of response to previous messages.

Today, Mukesh Ambani received fresh threat emails, warning him of severe consequences for ignoring previous demands of Rs 400 crore. The sender identified himself as Shadab Khan. This ongoing situation had initially begun with threats to shoot Mukesh Ambani if he didn’t pay Rs 20 crore. The Mumbai police had registered cases against an unknown person under sections 387 and 506 (2) of the Indian Penal Code based on these threats.

The ransom demands escalated with each subsequent email, emphasizing the lack of response to prior messages. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing online threats and ensuring the safety and security of individuals.

Prior to this, Mukesh Ambani had received death threats via email, with threats to shoot him if he did not pay Rs 20 crore. A senior police officer with knowledge of the case mentioned, “We are currently interrogating the accused and have placed him in police custody. While it appears to be primarily mischievous, we are conducting further inquiries to gain more information about the emails and the network used by the accused.”