100 km of viaducts ready for Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project

Ahmedabad: In a significant development, “100 km of viaducts for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Corridor project are completed,” said National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited in a statement on Thursday.

The project achieved this milestone of the construction of a cumulative 100 km of viaducts through the launch of 40-metre-long full-span box girders and segmental girders. Full-Span Launching Technique (FSLM), where 40-metre-long box girders are launched through state-of-the-art launching equipments, is being used along with span-by-span launching of segments. FSLM is 10 times faster than the launching through Span by Span method, which is normally used for constructing metro viaducts.

Girder/viaduct Date Timeline/completion time
Launching of First Girder 25th November 2021
Completion of First km of viaduct 30th June 2022 6 months
Completion of 50 km of viaduct 22nd April 2023 10 months
Completion of 100 km of viaduct 6 months

250 km of pier work is also completed for the project.

The viaducts include bridges over Six (6) rivers: Par (Valsad district), Purna (Navsari district), Mindhola (Navsari district), Ambika (Navsari district), Auranga (Valsad district) and Venganiya (Navsari distt), all in Gujarat.

The installation of noise barriers has already started on the constructed viaduct.

The laying of first Reinforced Concrete (RC) track bed for the MAHSR corridor track system as used in Japanese Shinkansen has also started in Surat. This is for the first time, the J-slab ballastless track system is being used in India.

Breakthrough of first mountain tunnel of 350 m has been completed in Valsad district, Gujarat

First steel bridge of 70 metres length has been erected in Surat district, Gujarat. This is the first of the 28 steel bridges which will be the part of MAHSR corridor. DeshGujarat