Unpaid salary; Surat Congress office watchman starts selling shoes outside office

Surat: Sanmukhbhai, employed as a watchman at the Congress office in the Nanpura area of the city, has resorted to selling shoes outside the office premises due to three months of unpaid salary. Photos of Sanmukhbhai selling shoes outside the Congress office have recently gone viral on WhatsApp. The situation has ignited discussions among city residents, drawing attention to the issue of irregular payments and the financial hardships faced by the watchman.

Sanmukhbhai’s decision to sell shoes stems from his frustration over the lack of payment for his watchman duties. Despite years of service, he has faced consistent challenges with receiving his salary, with the situation worsening in the last three months.

According to Sanmukhbhai, the delay in salary payment stems from various reasons, including an overseas trip by Congress leader and former Udhna assembly candidate Dhansukh Rajput, the refusal of other politicians to provide salaries, and post-election financial constraints. While the Congress office claims to have addressed Sanmukhbhai’s concerns, they plan to obtain written confirmation of payment to prevent future disputes. DeshGujarat