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People click, people cry…at this statue(Video)


Video by DeshGujarat.Com

Entrance of ‘Eternal Gandhi’ exhibition


Logo of ‘Eternal Gandhi’ exhibition


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  1. bhavik says:

    Excellent work . It will be great to see Vibrant Gujarat reporting here. I wish ultimately this Statue remains in Gujarat.

  2. Jigar says:

    Its next to real… really excellent work by the artist.. hard to figure out if its a statue.!!

  3. Jitubhai says:

    Superb Video and work. I luv Deshgujarat.

  4. Confused Patel says:

    Amazing. Even so many amdavadis might have not seen this exhibition but we can see here on net.

  5. Surendra says:

    The greatest Gujaratis so far, Mahatma Gandhi, salute him.

  6. ck gandhi says:

    Realy a touchy episode.

  7. K. Jadeja says:

    For first couple of days there was no rush and one could enter easily inside this exhibition but from third day onwards there was a heavy rush and one could see queues to enter inside.

    Sending here related photos from newspapers:

    Narendra Modi, Kumarmangalam Birla, Rajshree birla, Governor of Gujarat, Vidhansabha speaker of Gujarat at the statue of Gandhi


    Rajshree birla an organizr of this exhibition with this statue

  • vaibhav patel says:

    its wonderful to see gandhiji back. excellent photography, its an honour to see mahatma gandhi

  • We all should try and learn about Mahatma – truely great personality…it takes lot of sacrifice to be like Mahatma Gandhi

  • Jagdish Tandel says:


    Bhai its a very good experience to see Bapu. DeshGujarat provided exlent info.

  • mon2 says:

    Dear sir or mem,

    Hello My name is montu. i like infom you i like ur wed side its grat grat in a would. i wach
    morari bapu intreviw is grat. my father n family we bealv in bapu. so it good.

    thanks u very much.

    u r good going…

    god blas u n good luck

  • Jay says:

    Its good work but I am not follower of Gandhibapu and aahinsha all the time.

  • Bharat Singh Bawarla says:

    माननीय श्री मोदी जी इस देश कि धड़कन और विकास पुरुष कि महान मिसाल है.कांग्रेस के लोग मोदी जी कि बढ़ती लोकप्रियता के कारण घबरा गई है उन्हे लगता है कि मोदी जी दिल्ली आ गये तो अपनी वाट लग जायेगी.।
    देश के सभी भाईयो से में अपील करता हु कि आप2014में जी तोड़ मेहनत करके बी.जे.पी. को अपने मकसद में सफ़ल बनाना है.आप यह मत सोचना कि मेरे एक वोट से क्या फ़र्क पड़ेगा.एक-एक वोट2014में बहुत किमती है.यहां लोकसभा चुनाव कि बात नही होगी अपनी इज्ज्त का सवाल है.नही तो आने वाली पिढ़ी का क्या हाल होगा आप सोच सकते है.आधे से ज्यादा इस देश को कांग्रेस ने बेच दिया है और साथ में धर्म कि वोट बैंक…क्या आपको लगता नही कि इस देश को कहां धकेल रही है?

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