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Jokes:Shahbuddin Rathod’s Ahmedabad Show(Video)


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  1. sanjay says:

    sanjay u accept this site for gujarati

  2. Execellent !

    I love to listen Shahbuddin Sir. Thank you so much for these videos!

  3. Daxesh says:

    it is outstanding….

  4. Ashok says:

    I enjoy listening comedy show.
    Thank you Ashok

  5. NILESH says:

    how can i want to download

  6. NILESH says:

    i would like to download shabuddin rathod jokes video

  7. wahid says:

    I want to download these jokes.

  8. wahid says:

    shshbuddin ,sir you are so great personality for comedy.

  9. jatinkhamar says:

    I want to download all download this deshgujarat.com site

  10. jatinkhamar says:

    I want to download all jokes & ramesh mehta’s vedio

  11. Taher S.Sidhpurwala says:

    It is my pleasure to say that after long long time i could listen Shri Shahbuddin Rathod
    and i am really very much happy.

  12. Taher S. says:

    can you advise me that in how to order and get the Shahbuddin Rahod’s DVDs

  13. kashyap says:

    Yaar.I want to dwnld ths jokes.Bt pls tel me wat is d proc?

  14. kashyap says:

    Pls tel me how to dwnld yar.

  15. ali says:

    is any body can tell me where i can find the program ( CHAND DO UGUYA CHOK MA ) i have been looking this program from long time.

  16. vishal says:

    its really an honor to listn shahbuddin rathod, can i get the full video clip of VANECHAND NO VARGHODO by shahbuddin rathod? please contact me at vishalshah.149@rediff.com. i’ll be very thankful to you. thank you

  17. Taher S. says:

    Please advise me by return mail that from where i can purchase the DVD’s of Shahbuddin Rathod.

  18. dipak says:

    awesome job. i loved site dipak from new zealand

  19. rohit patel from chicago, akhaj says:

    rathod jocks enjoy best time a life.

  20. Vicky Desai says:

    Shahbuddin Rathod is too good

  21. Darshan says:

    i love to listen to shahbudin sir not only because of his humorous jokes but also because of the essence of a deep philosophy………….

    thanks a lot for sharing

  22. આખા જીવનમાં ગમે ત્યારે સાંભળો હસુ આવે આવે અને આવે જ ……………….

  23. Anonymous says:

    i want downlod for mayabhai ahir audio

  24. Rehman says:

    very good comedy jokes, I like Shahbuddinbhai Rathod very much, more latest video awaiting

  25. Thakor Biren says:


  26. pintu solnki says:

    thanks a lot shahbuddin rathod apani kala me sachvi rskhava mate

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