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PK Jha will be remembered for solving Swadhyay murder case

PK Jha will be remembered for solving Swadhyay Murder case

Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 7th September, 2008


Gujarat police CID I.G. PK Jha passed away on Sunday in Ahmedabad’s Sterling hospital after critical stage of illness. Jha was admitted in a hospital for last several days and his condition was continuously deteriorating.

BTech in Civil engineering, Jha was 1986 batch IPS officer from Gujarat cadre. He was born in Bihar in 1961. His most impressive moments in Police career was solving of Swadhyay Parivar case in Ahmedabad when he was city’s sector 1 Additional Commissioner of Police.

Pankaj Trivedi an NRI activist who had exposed irregularities and scandals of Swadhyay Parivar was brutally murdered in Ahmedabad by four assailants. Police was under Great pressure to solve this case.

Whole investigation was conducted under PK Jha’s leadership and case was successfully solved. Press conference on cracking of Pankaj Trivedi murder case was addressed by PK Jha. Ahmedabad almost all Crime reporters even today remember that crowded press conference and Jha’s clever handling.

PK Jha had lastly hit headlines in December-2007 when villagers near Ahmedabad had complained and agitated against disco party organized by him on his child’s birthday in his farm house at Bopal area. Then DGP of Gujarat police had ordered an inquiry in this matter. Jha was considered as an officer in government’s good book. Election commission had transferred him from an election area due to alleged proximity with BJP government.

Jha’s body was given Police honor at Ahmedabad’s Police stadium where entire senior most cadre of Gujarat Police including Gujarat Police chief PC Pande, Senior Police officer of Gujarat and Ex-DGP KR Kaushik were present. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s Commissioner IP Gautam was also present to pay homage.

You can Watch Pramod kumar Jha in this video clip

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  1. uday kumar thakur says:

    nothing on this earth can fulfill the damage made to the society/nation/faimily/AND ME PERSONALY.PAMMU, I WLL MISS YOU FOREEVER.may god bless your soul.

  2. SUNIL MALL says:

    Dear Sir,
    The void caused by your untimely departure can never be filled.However, the large heartedness shown by you towards so many of us will ensure that your family gets all the support they need in this difficult hour. Sir, I will always miss you from the bottom of my heart. May your soul rest in peace.
    sunil mall and family

  3. Chintan Joshi says:

    Read this times report

    Pramod Kumar Jha’s battle with life ended after nearly a fortnight on life support systems in the ICU at Sterling Hospital on Sunday afternoon. Jha (47) was suffering from liver cirrhosis and was recovering till he had brain haemorrhage which proved fatal, said a colleague who was by his side when the end came.
    A 1986 batch IPS officer from Bihar, Jha is survived by wife Kalyani, a son, and two daughters.
    Jha was posted as inspector general of police CID (Crime) recently after the Election Commission removed him as joint commissioner, Ahmedabad city before the December 2007 Assembly elections, which had left him without a posting.
    Though critics would remember him for his wayward habits and some unsavoury brushes with the law, colleagues salute his investigating skills. Jha had deep insight into the underworld controlled by D-company. During his illustrious career, Jha cracked the famous RDX landing case off the Gosabara coast in Porbander and recently exposed sinister goings on in the Sabarmati Central jail in a high court-appointed committee that he headed.
    Jha’s career was at its peak as superintendent of police of Jamnagar district in the early 90s. It was then under the Chimanbhai Patel government that Jha had sought to raid Rama Nakha Gadhvi, a close associate of the chief minister and an arms dealer.
    Knowing Chimanbhai would not allow it, he approached the then home minister CD Patel at Gandhinagar and confided in him about Gadhvi’s antecedents. CD Patel promptly instructed the then DGP AK Tandon and Jha to go ahead with the raids, while the home minister himself camped in Jamnagar. Jha led the raids to Gadhvi’s home and found a cache of arms worth Rs 1 crore in 1993.
    This became a major bone of contention between Chimanbhai and CD Patel. His close associates say, with Jha, the entire mystery behind the Gosabara arms landing case will be buried, because he was the officer first tipped off about the consignment of RDX and weapons sent by Dawood Ibrahim to carry out the Mumbai serial blasts in 1993, to land off the Gosabara shore in Porbander in January that year.
    The case turned controversial since the actual offence of the landing was registered under Tada at ‘B’ division police station in Jamnagar where Jha was SP, while the landing happened in Gosabara, Porbander. This was apparently because the first tip-off about the reported landing was received by Jha. During this time, Jha was a feared man among mafia gangs of Saurashtra including the Mers of Porbander.
    His detailed report on the Sabarmati jail in 2006 after a convict was murdered by a rival gang in his cell put several officers in trouble because of the expose on the corruption behind bars and ‘haftas’ charged in jail and the freedom that some prisoners enjoyed.

  4. Vinoo says:

    Dear Desh Gujarat

    I read with great sorrow about the news of the passing away of Mr. P.K. Jha (CID Crime).

    Shri Jha was an able and erudite IPS officer with great detective skills. He was fearless, unbiased and sincere to the purpose.

    I would refer here to two cases handled by him where he showed his excellence. Firstly, when he himself took part in recovering rupees six crores worth of smuggled silver at Jakhau Port in Kutch. At that time, he showed exemplary courage and confidence since there were many odds against him. Secondly, in the case of Mr. Pankaj Trivedi’s murder case, he left no stone unturned to find out the real culprits. It was a difficult case since some of the culprits were in the police department itself. Also because Swadhyay Parivar members were trying to misguide the police by appearing for interrogation at the police stations but were giving information which were misleading. The matter was also complicated since the culprits were getting information on what was happening in police offices.

    If you would like to see Late Mr P. K Jha giving a statement on Late Mr Pankajbhai Trivedi’s murder case then please watch the video above.

    I would like to send my sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to his wife, his daughters, son and friends.

    May his soul rest in peace.

    Vinoo Sachania & family

  5. Rajeev says:

    PK Jha has been loyal towards the nation.

    God loves his kid who have performed their duty faithfully.

    He is with God & He is happy.

  6. AkrutiVani says:

    His courage to expose Murderes has secured honorable position in Heaven.
    May God grant courage to his family to resist the sorrow of this great loss.

  7. Dharmesh Depala says:

    Dear Editor,

    It is with great regret to read that we have lost one of the most loyal Police officers. His demise is a great loss not only to the state of Gujarat but to the Nation as well. His brave and excellent service to the nation will not be forgotten. Especially he dedicated to his utmost in the case of murder of Shree Pankajbhai Trivedi one of the most loyal Swadhyayee.

    P K Jha will be remembered for his excellence service. May God give courage to his family to bear the loss of Mr Jha.

    I would like to express my sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to his wife, his daughters, son and friends.
    May his soul take rest in peace.


  8. N. Rao says:

    Dear Editor
    The sad demise of Mr. Jah is a loss to nation. Brave, intelligent police officer. I salute is service and his effort to solve Mr. Trivedi’s murder case and showed courage to arrest the people from a so called strong swadhyay group.
    My sympathy to his family.

  9. Jayesh Patel says:

    Dear Editor

    The demise of Mr. P K Jha has created a great loss of one of very good friend. He was brave and courageous IPS. I had worked for prparing some intelligence based show for border security matter, where I have witnessed his intelligence and wisdom of police officer. The void caused by his untimely departure can never be filled. I will always feel sorrow for untimely losing a great personality like him.

    Jayesh Patel, Vadodara, 99245 99246

  10. manek jha says:

    p.k.jha is in our heart till yet & forever we miss him in every way in our life manek jha 9376943712

  11. sat says:

    i know why he died ,,,,,he did such a things which lead him to die,, he was just an instrument of BJP laeders ,, nothing else. he arrested innocent peaople in Pankaj trivedi case , beacause “wo amit shah ki kath putali thha ”

    he arrested my brothers ,,,,,,, for nothing ,,,,,,,,

  12. ketki jha says:

    i would like to thank everybody for the email’s.
    Papa was a great person, learnt a lot from him.
    I Would want to tell you all just one thing on his behalf that always stand up for yourself. And never fear anything. I’m sure he’s still watching us from somewhere. And for me and my family he’ll always be alive inside us. He was my best friend and he’ll always remain my best friend. And i love and respect him for all he’s done for anybody and everybody. And for those who think he was wrong well all i would want to say is that sometime’s when you are doing things legally you should know the law to see the flaws in it anybody can say anything its all upto you but i think you should come and say it on our face’s instead of acting like a hypocrite and a coward. . I’m sure he would be in heaven. And would come back someday. and as for you who so ever wrote the last mail without your name would certainly be burning in hell.

    Thanking everybody.
    Ketki pramod jha
    & family.

  13. Vijay says:

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  14. Ashutosh Jha says:

    It is with great regret to read that we have lost one of the most loyal Police officer.

    We will miss you PAMMU uncle…May your soul rest in peace.


  15. We have lost the proud of mithilachal & maithil , he was very much innocent & dynamic claver person , manoj choudhary.

  16. vishal tripathi says:

    one of the best I.P.S officers gujarat ever had..i am proud to know his son who is also a gr8 human and above all a loyal son and brother..god give immense strenghth to the family and to those ranty critics, i wana say a man finds solace in heaven for his actions and not his words and hence hell awaits you…may his soul rest in peace

  17. pramod kr. jha says:

    His demise is a great loss not only to the state of Gujarat but to the Nation as well. His brave and excellent service to the nation will not be forgotten. We have lost the proud of mithilachal & maithil.

  18. Palas From WestBengal says:

    I know the information regarding Mr Jha from one bengali novel called ‘Howzthat’ . I heard that he was a great wicketkeeper batsman in his college & school life. I got only few information about this great honest person. I would like to express my sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to his wife, his daughters, son and friends.
    I think hsi soul take rest in peace. Hope We can found some great personnel from his family.

  19. santosh nair says:

    He is proud to be an indian will any one give his contact details.

  20. ajatshatru singh ranawat says:

    it is great honour for me today we writ for right great personalty mr p k jha he is in our heart and he is not late he is dhruve(polar star) in this galaxy he give us direction and oneday i will salute this great man in our rajputana style(gun) .i am sure when i will be selected in ips in this five years .i will first salute by heart to mr p k jha & kalayani jha. i see daily uncles photo and take lot of blessing from him.i knew after reading lot of achievement in uncles life he was best technocrat and better than best bureaucrat.he cracked tougher than toughest case in chankya style (bihar).his life started from bihar to bankebihari( =krishanas dham =jamnagar=dwarika=karnawatidham=gujarat) once again thanks for god he give me this honour(writing for mr p k jha)…. and its not comment its commitment

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