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Narendra Modi is in highest demand, says Rajat Sharma

Narendra Modi is in highest demand, says Rajat Sharma
By our correspondent
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 22nd of October, 2008

India’s No.1 Hindi news channel India TV‘s owner Rajat Sharma was in Ahmedabad on Tuesday. Rajat Sharma delivered a speech and interacted with viewers in a packed hall at Ahmedabad Management Association. Sharma looked frank, candid, humble and honest in answering most of the questions raised by viewers.

Some of the questions raised by common people present at the open function were related to Narendra Modi and Godhra coverage in media.

When asked, Does he consider Narendra Modi a man for development or a communal person, Rajat Sharma said “Narendra Modi has proved by his performance that he can make Gujarat a Golden State. Proving something like this by performance is difficult but he has done this successfully. Modi has created better infrastructure armed with better power, better water, better roads facilities. He has excelled the state in a way that Ratan Tata has chosen Gujarat for Nano. Modi is a man for development. We should forget the old things and should pave new paths.”

When asked why news channels keep highlighting Godhra issue even now after six years at prime time but never give a justice to coverage on Gujarat’s development side, Rajat Sharma said “My opinion may differ with most of the other television news channel editors but I think we should forget Godhra. We the people from media should go with the sentiments of the people of Gujarat. When Gujarat’s clear choice is Narendra Modi, who are we to decide something else?”

In an answer to the question about offending Godhra related coverage by the media that projects bad picture of Gujarat, Rajat Sharma said “When Godhra happened in 2002, my TV news channel India TV was not in existence. My channel came in 2004. But I guarantee you, that if India TV was there in 2002, Gujarat’s image after Godhra could be much different than what projected.”

When viewers asked Rajat Sharma, why his famous Aap Ki Adalat program’s old episodes are being repeated for last some months and why fresh episodes are absent, Sharma said “We are building a new and better set up for Aap Ki Adalat and the task is near completion. We would be back with Aap Ki Adalat‘s new episodes soon after Diwali. We choose our guests for Aap Ki Adalat via viewers demand through their emails,letters and feedback. And the highest demand from all parts of the nation is for bringing Narendra Modi as a guest in Aap Ki Adalat. However to ask questions to Narendra Modi is not an easy task.”

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  1. mayank mehta,baroda,gujarat. says:

    Rajatji,yes we ara very eager to see & listen our gujarat’s pride NARENDRA MODI,men who have given tough fight to mr rajdeep sardesai.he in future not dared to write & telecast nonsence foolish about 5 crors gujaratis mind well CBNIBN chief,so rajatji please call NM at your APKI ADALAT me.concluding.

  2. Dear Editor,

    About Media ( electronic ) image in society – Rajat Ji give his views perfect.
    I m very proud for his talent about talk to Gujarati people at AMA, Ahmedabad.

  3. Arvind Panchal says:

    Really, Rajatji what 90% Gujarati’s thinking you answers exactly on same line for our Hon’ble CM (Common Man) Narendrabhai Modi. Thanks a lot for presentling voice of People of Gujarat on highly popular amoung people of India Channel INDIA TV. I personally respect you too.

  4. Bharat Sachania says:

    Dear Rajatsharmaji,Thanks for view to our Hon.Mr.narendraModiji.He is the only man who think about 5.5crore people.No minority no majority all Gujarati people same for him.Main congressparty just talking about naheru’s family and mainority too.may I requested you sir you got chance to help to Gujarat via media this is not for our Hon.Modiji but our Gujarat aswellas our Proude country India.

    Godbless you. Jay Jay GarviGujarat Vendemataram.

  5. KENT says:

    Thank you RAJATJI. I feel more people should come forward and think as you think. thanks again.

  6. dk says:

    looks like Rajatsharmaji wash all his sin. please advice all your Midias friend.

    Now no need to dip in Holy ganga. just start work for modiji. you will get heaven.

  7. Malay Patel says:

    I have been Living in other state from past 2years, but whenever i come to gujarat the progress of gujarat is visible in all social as well as economical fronts, Mr Narendra Modi is Fantaboulous… He is the Man with Guts and Determination… Forget about Past.. Talk about Present and Future.. Proud to be a Gujarati… Get Going Narendra Bhai

  8. PATEL ZAMS J. says:

    i would like to thank Rajat Sharma for being honest and portraying the right things on Gujarat. I would request him to ask his media friends to show good things about gujarat and dont play with the feelings of the people of gujarat. During the election time it was the media who showed godhra and aaj tak news channel espicially (The best crime news channel of India) were spoiling the image of gujarat. But the results of Assembly Elections 2007 gave a slap on all the indian news media and show that u cannot trust blindly on media now a days.
    So i would urge u and yr channel to make a balance between good and bad. Rather than showing only bad things about the state and country. Please show something good things about the country where one would like to see yr news channel rather than rapes, murders, scams, sex and bollywood and cricket. Plz show someting good about young politicians and interview them asking what good things they have done for the country rather than their scams and sex scandals as we are fed up of all these stupid news .
    Thanks a lot Proud to be a Gujarati

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