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Narendra Modi in Aap Ki Adalat on India TV(Hindi Video)

Narendra Modi in India TV’s Aap Ki Adalat

Here is the latest video featuring Narendra Modi in Rajaat Sharma’s India TV Aap ki Adalat program.

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  1. gujjar puttar says:

    Can media talk about changes and chellanges that India needs to address?
    Can they realize hidden message that BJP is delivering?
    Do they want Shambhumero as it said in Gujarat or they want more dynamic country?

    Modi said correctly that we have ability to set trend and we are mature enough as
    our culture is based on Vasudhaiv kutumbakam: Whole world is my family.
    Family has unwritten law to abide that is unity and friendship.

    Is media foolish?

    Modiji lash out these knuckle head so they can start thinking in right direction.

  2. chirag says:

    Every Indian should come out and vote for BJP. Modi Rocks !!!

  3. Kamlesh says:

    Jordaar jawaab. One thing is true, Projecting Modi as PM would have helped BJP a lot. Advani should have realised this. But anyway, Anyone in BJP will do good job for country.

  4. MANISH DHADUK says:


  5. i,really congratulate RAJAT,SHARMA. in the name of apki -adalat,brought modiji to speak whatever
    he wants.this kind a well projected programe,may,many indian would have watched.because of
    “SARKARI DURDARSHAN”,owned by nehru-gandhi family,and others channel like ndtv,owned by
    pranav-roy,funded by foreign swiss money,sahara anothe channel,owned by gunda mulayam and amarsingh,
    heavily swiss bank black money owner,will not give the coverage of modi.so,this is the right way
    to present.on every answer we saw and hear the applaude of common people,real people of india.these
    people will change the destiny of india.i,am pretty sure any dam person who have heared modiji,
    will not listen any-body else.
    what a master of press conf.interviews,and public meeting.after vajpayee,millions of people gather
    only to see him,hear him.he gave solid,staunch,intelligent,claver,smart and skill ful answer.
    can you show me ? any other leader in india like him?no where…..
    thotho kapil sibbal is a child infront of modiji.jai……hind……jai garvi gujarat.

  6. sadia says:

    If Advaniji invites Mr Narendra Modi to become a deputy Prime Minister, a post that exists in Great Britain they he can pick up 80% more votes from Young generation and all Business and professional community.

  7. sadia says:


  8. Sudhir Shah, Tampa, USA says:

    Modiji is an all rounder. He is best when under pressure. He attracts most crowd/audeince than any other Indian
    politician. Vande Matran. Jai Garvi Gujarat.

  9. hitesh says:

    good interview but this man (modiji and his governance)must be in power of india for atleast 30 years otherwise india again rule by british or muslims. right now people of outside india must understand the issue of democracy in true sense in gujarat. modiji done much hard work for gujarat for last 9 years and before that his life is also dedicated to india as a true indian. delhi fucking people always making fool to majority of people thats why so many people go to outside india and live in good life in usa or uk. if you see india right now , india is rule by only delhi people congress and muslims mullah(international terrorist). gujarat gov. working show that, who is right and who is wrong?see the whole bollywood is running on delhi fucking bad people and they rule. this people will rule?fucking ass hole. they make a laugh on indian democracy. see the people like kapil sibbal,khans,rahul gandhi,varun gandhi,advaniji(25%good),rajnath,umar abdulla(who is giving punishment to indian army?what a shame?),all english media,barkha dutt,have pakistani connections ect……..
    what type of people ?in their life they reach by short cuts and rule india.they think that true can be hind by media help.

    modiji is all fighting against that thats why they are afraid about it. delhi people want people to people contact with pakistani. delhi people do not want people to people contact with south india. why this? because they want non-vegetarian people for muslims bussiness. what a fucking ass hole people? right now also they making modiji’s big on media because of gujarati people’s money only. they can’t accept truth in life. not only congress (mostly advice by muslims) but see the NCP,BSP,SP,RJD, ect.. what a shame party. what is their contribution? what is their performance? see the delhi,bihar,UP,adhra, ect.. where is a professoinal police? mostly criminals and terrorists.

    what a shame of our mahatma gandhi dreams for india?

    if you want a good life then just go to gujarat and live a full life.

    modiji please make MP,rajasthan,mumbai,karnataka one. before that make gujarat national law and social security law so whatever we earn that our hard work money go to my poor gujarati citizens child. you maust give power to police a free hand and mind too with some regulations.

    bye. i hope more hard work from you modiji,rupala, and government.i want 100% english + gujarati speaking students of smart gujarati child. remove the cast,creed from hindus and make good muslims as you do sir.

    take care.

  10. J.S. & J.P. & B.P. says:

    this is the one of the best episode of ap ki aadalat…and all credit goes to rajat sharma ji and thanx to admin……

  11. jayjee says:

    The fact is UPA will come closer to forming govt in comparison to NDA.
    This was also pointed out in an analysis by Rajat Sharma.
    This is quite worrisome and we should adopt modi ji’s formula to encourage everyone we know to vote for BJP. It will be great day if BJP can form govt on its own. No more Article 370, no more minority appeasement and finally a uniform civil code in this country. Its urgent that we vote for BJP and encourage at least 10-20 people to also vote for BJP. Otherwise we have to suffer another 5yrs of UPA mess.

  12. YBB says:

    Hi hitesh bhai – I and many other share your anguish and agony as you rightly pointed out that current lot projected by media and ruling ‘delhi sultanat’ is subverting the nation and nationalists like Narendra modi. And I also have a fact figure to corroborate your point – central government collects 40,000 crores (USD 10 Billion) / year from the state of Gujarat and in return gives only 4,000 crore (USD 1 billion) / year for development work under the stupid regulaion whihc bases the distribution of wealth upon population of the states – meaning states which are more productive in industry and agriculture like Gujarat are punished for states which are productive in population increase. We gujaratis are proud of our contribution to the national treasury but what angers people like you and me is tha fact that our hard earned money is spent by all these people/parties you mentioned on subverting the nation by unfair reservations, corruption, religion based appeasement and hardly any money is spent for nationalistic development. I am sure the feeling is same in other productive states like Maharashtra and Karnataka and punjab. I would personally think that benefit of doubt given to these parties by far is enough and now it should be handled by develpment-minded leaders like narendra modi, Yet the true success can be achieved when the people of those states realize their true cultural values and vote out all congress, BSP, SP, JDs……even many BJP leaders in past were not friednly to needs of productive and developed states like Gujarat though they were ruling at the state-level governments.

  13. real bharatiya says:

    Mr. YBB,
    The fact is not that. It is modiji exagrating the matter. modiji is wrongly criticising the central just for political gain. But JHUTH NO DASKO PURO THAI RAHYO CHHE ETLE MODIJI NAVA NAVA JHUTH NO SAHARO LE CHHE.

    JAI HO

  14. Komal says:

    Excellent Modiji. This is one of the best interview of Modiji……………
    Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat.

  15. YBB says:

    Real bharatiya- YOu haven’t responded to my challenge to you posted in commnet section of post “narendra modi on “Why Advani”. Take minute to look at and give it deep thought.

  16. SaurabhPatel says:

    This is the real hero speech. Real Gujarti Leader Speech. Another SARDAR is born for the India. And now world will see the real power of INDIA. Best of Luck MR. MODIJI.
    vote for BJP.
    jai hindi

  17. Andy says:

    There are “Good” and “Bad” leaders in all the parties, I salute Modi for his true and iconic leadership in regional level. I grew up in Ahmedabad and now when I visit my home town, I feel more proud to be Amdavadi or Gujarati then ever before. Only problem I see is in BJP like Gujju saying “Diva Tale Andharu”, 1 person can not rule for ever, thats the fact. To be successful in implementing a revolution, a party requires a whole brigade of good and sharp leaders like Modi. Even in Gujarat, if Modi is taken out of political equation, in BJP leardes are almost same as Congress leaders, no real volunteers with intention for doing something good for people. Thats why thugs like Mulayama, Mayavati and Lalu are key decision makers when time comes.

    I salute Modi for work he has done so far, but my personal feeling is that he should create a second cader of solid politicials who are sharing same idiology as his and now is the time he should take on the national leadership and clean the Delhi political ground and uproot Mulayam, Lalu and Mayavati.

    Jai Gujarat

    Mera Bharat Mahan

  18. real bharatiya says:

    Brother YBB, Thanks for sparing time & reading my posting. I replied you on ‘why advani”. Pls check.

  19. real bharatiya says:

    Sister Jayshree is fearing defeat of bjp from now. She fears that her vote will be in vein(FOGAT). Better she vote for cong so that cong can get easy victory instead of UPA.

    To implement policies in a better way, we all should for cong so that cong can form Govt on its own. nda is opportunist alliance bcos differences in policies. Everybody knows that UPA is like-minded alliance & therefore, UPA has edge on nda.

  20. Krunal says:

    I dont understand why modiji is giving so much importance to Advani. I dont know what he good he has done to gandhinagar in last 20 years as a MP. Why cant we have some local person or atleast a gujarati to represent gujarat’s capital gandhinagar. If congress would have asked some outsider to contest election from gandhinagar, it would have been made a big issue by BJP. Advani is not gujarati and he doesnt even speak gujarati..how is he going to understand problems of people from rural area of gandhinagar.

    Advani may be good for india as a prime minister compare to any candidate out there but I believe he isnt an ideal candidate for gandhinagar.

  21. Krunal says:

    Dude Real Bhartiya,

    I dont need your advice on whom to vote. I just wanted to know why Modi is so much favor of Advani. I have always found Modi very rationale in his arguments as well as a man with principles. so his ‘blind devotion’ to Advani sometimes surprises me as I dont think Mr.Advani is as good as Modi thinks he is.

    Anyways, now coming to back to few names suggested by you. Azhar and Shekar Suman..you must be kidding me when you said they are young. Dude, you need to present fact before advocating anyone on public forum like this. What good these people have done in field of politics. They are good entertainers but are they good leaders?

    and last point, if you are ‘real bhartiya’ ..why are you afraid of reveling your true name. you dont need to put ‘real bhartiya’ in your name to prove how real you are.

  22. ravi says:

    we all gujaratis salute our chief minister narendra modiji.

  23. surjit says:

    Until the non muslims of India don’t wake up ,there is not going to be any difference, Congress has let the people of India down,especially the Hindus,Sikhs, Buddhists. http://www.faithfreedom.org http://www.islam-watch.org http://www.jihad-watch.org

  24. mukesh says:

    modiji is a gujarat ka sher he modiji 2014 loksabha sunav hindustan ke pm he

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