Jalaram Jayanti’s big celebration at Virpur:Download Aarti

Jalaram Jayanti’s big celebration at Virpur:Download Aarti
Rajkot/Virpur, DeshGujarat, 25 October, 2009

Sant Jalaram Bapa’s 210th birth anniversary is being celebrated today across Saurashtra. About 2 lakh people are visiting Virpur today where Jalaram Bapa’s main mandir is situated. Long queues could be seen from Saturday night itself for darshan of Jalaram Bapa’s murti.

Around 20 tonne sweet Bundi, 8 tonne Ganthiya, 20 tonne vegetables, 4,500 kg Dal and 7,500 kg rice will be catered by the Mandir administration to visitors.

Jalaram Jayanti is being celebrated at Bilkha, Keshod, Tankara, Dhoraji, Mangrol, Khambhaliya, Porbandar, Kunkavav, Babra, Upleta, Savarkundla, Una, Kutiyana, Rajula, Madhavpur, Kalyanpur, Bhatiya etc places also.

Download Jalaram Bapa’s Aarti(Mp3)

Shri Jalaram Bapa

Shree Jalaram Bapa was born in the year 1799 (i.e. 4-11-1799) in the village Virpur, Gujarat. His mother, Rajbai was very fond of serving sadhus and saints. No sadhu and saint could go from Virpur without receiving the hospitality Rajbai. Shree Jalaram Bapa’s father’s name was Pradhan Thakkar, who was engaged in business. At the tender age of 16, Jalaram Bapa married Virbai, daughter of Thakkar Pragji Somajia. Jalaram Bapa was however not inclined to live household life and to continue to do business with his father. He is mostly engaged in serving sadhus and saints. He separated himself from his father’s bsiness and stayed with his uncle, Valjibhai, who was very fond of Jalaram.

It was obvious that Jalaram Bapa was inclined to completely withdraw from marital life. Fortunately his wife, Virbaima decided to follow the path of Jalaram. So, when Jalaram decided to go for a pilgrimage for holy places, Virbaima followed him. At the age of 18, Jalaram Bapa accepted Shree Bhojalram from Fatehpur as guru and was given a “Guru Malaa and Mantra” in the name of Shree Ram. With blessings of his guru, he started “Sadavrat” a feeding centre, a place where all sadhus and saints as well as the needy could have food any time during 24 hours. Nobody returned from that place without having food. All this he did single handed with Virbaima assisting him. Soon his fame spread as an incarnation of the divine. Whoever come to Virpur, whether Hindu or Muslim was fed by Bapa.

There are many stories about the greatness of the saint of Virpur. Remembering the stories, we can fill the heart with devotion and gratitude. Jalaram Bapa worked very hard for whose who were struck by the terrible famine. In 1881 (i.e. 23-2-1881) Jalaram Bapa left his body in his prayers. This is the story of the great saint of Virpur.

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