Kalsaria on border line, BJP this side, Congress that side

Kalsaria on border line, BJP this side, Congress that side
Ahmedabad, 22 August, 2010

BJP MLA from Saurashtra’s Mahuva, Dr. Kanubhai Kalsaria first met Rahul Gandhi, then attended Youth Congress public meeting, and then also Youth Congress protest rally. Kalsaria likes BJP, but on one issue of Nirma cement plant, he disagrees with the state BJP govt. Kalsaria’s movement against Nirma’s cement plant in his constituency area of Mahuva is now two years old. The party has not taken any action against him. The government has taken only token actions, such as his detention by police on certain occasions. Next is what? Interesting to see.

Perhaps in the course of his two-year old agitation, Dr. Kalsaria crossed party limit when he addressed a Youth Congress gathering at Ahmedabad’s Thakorbhai Desai hall on Saturday. He also participated in rally, soon after the convention. Kalsaria in his address to Youth Congress meeting, welcomed Rahul Gandhi’s fresh support to his agitation against Nirma company’s cement plant.

Till now, Kalsaria’s activity against the state govt decision were tolerated by the party. But now, when he has openly started attending Congress functions, it is believed that the party will take some decision on him soon. Or perhaps not, ditto as party had done with rebels like Soma Ganda and others at the time of Lok Sabha elections last year. The party didn’t expel the rebels till the election. The problem of dealing against Kalsaria is that, he is rebel on one issue, which is debatable, but otherwise he is good chap for the party on all other issues.

How Kalsaria crossed limit for the BJP is evident in content of his speech. In his Saturday speech, Kalsaria criticized the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summitsa and MOUs signed in such summits. Kalsaria said that such “BJP Melas” (fairs) are not helping the state and they should be stopped.

Kalsaria said, he represented the matter of Nirma plant twice to Narendra Modi but he was told that such compromises have to be made for development. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi seems to have feelings for environment.

Kalsaria said, he would not resign from the BJP. Kalsaria met Rahul Gandhi and Jairam Ramesh recently through ex MP Sanat Mehta. He is fighting against Nirma cement plant for last two years with popular local support on this issue. Defeated in High Court battle, Kalsaria has appealed in Supreme court to stop further works of Nirma cement plant.

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