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Good news for Bhavnagar: Shetrunji dam overflows

Good news for Bhavnagar: Shetrunji dam overflows
Bhavnagar, DeshGujarat, 3 September, 2010

There’s good news for the people of Bhavnagar district.

Bhavnagar district’s important Shetrunji dam is now overflowing.

Gates of the dam will be opened today afternoon to release surplus water.

Shetrunji dam has been constructed on Shetrunji river at Rajastheli village Palitana .

It is the main source of drinking water for Bhavnagar city

About 122 villages falling in its command area are alerted.

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  1. Bhatt says:

    While the nature has done its job, the onus lies on the city governors to ensure uninterrupted water supply to city dwellers – without any shortages and cuts.

    Few points that must be considered:

    1) According to sources, there is NEVER dearth of water in dams through out the bhavnagar district through out the year. The only problem is distribution (maybe the willingness of the system?)

    2) Municipal corp does not take proper steps to maintain all the water lines. Line construction accounts for water-shortage over unbearably longer period of time, which is unacceptable. How much time does it take to repair a faulty water line? Is it always necessary to bring down the supply every time there is a fault? If these systems are existing since years, cannot there be any improvment?

    ALSO there are so many unlawful water fetching activities that happen right under the nose of corp. e.g. in some areas water come for 7 hours per day while other areas face supply-cuts 3 times a week.

    3) Storage mechanism is either faulty or is misrepresented. Every time excuses like summer, low rainfall etc are given for the water shortages, despite having achieved 100% rainfall during prior seasons.

    4) Projects aimed at raising the underground water level which were taken up about 100 years back by Princely State are still not implemented – for only God-known reasons. Therefore the UG water levels are VERY LOW – hence low vegetation and low growth in agriculture.

    Now that Narmada has been running through out the state and even check-dams are successful, system need to come out of the age-old anthem of natural drought and dependency over the rain God.

    Only true political can bring this change.
    Jay Hind

  2. Hardik r parekh says:

    Congo bhavnagaris

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