35 Mumukshus to renounce worldly life, take diksha on Mahavir Jayanti in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: In commemoration of the 2,550th anniversary of the nirvana of the 24th Tirthankara, 35 Mumukshus, inspired by the pursuit of moksha, will renounce worldly pleasures and embark on the path of Lord Mahavira starting April 22 in the city.

On the 14th day of the Chaitra month, a group of 35 individuals aged between 11 and 56 will embark on their spiritual journey under the esteemed guidance of Acharya Dev Vijay Yogatilaksurishvarji Maharaj at the Riverfront. This significant Jain ritual, known as diksha, symbolizes their initiation onto the illuminated path of Lord Mahavir.

A five-day festival will kick off on April 18 to mark the Mahabhinishkraman undertaken by the Mumukshus. It is anticipated that numerous Jain devotees from around the world will participate in this grand event.

The festivities will begin with a ceremonial welcome procession honoring the revered guru bhagwants and 400 shraman-shramani bhagwantsis on the morning of April 18. Following this, a majestic procession for the varsidaan (donation procession) will take place on April 21, spanning an estimated distance of 1 km.

Among the 35 mumukshus who will embark on the path of austerity, some are businessmen, students, and housewives. Nine Mumukshus residing in Ahmedabad will partake in the festival, including a complete family, a husband-wife pair, and a brother-sister duo. Meanwhile, 12 Mumukshus from Surat are scheduled to depart for Ahmedabad on April 15. Among them is a 25-year-old youth who is a CA Intermediate and a singer-composer, leaving behind his worldly life to embrace sobriety.

There are five families among these 35 mumukshus undertaking Diksha in Ahmedabad who will close their homes as they all follow the path of Lord Mahavir. It is also to be noted that, out of these mumukshus, 10 are below 18 years of age, and their initiation is with the consent of their parents.

A spiritual city resembling the grand palaces of Rajasthan has been erected on a 3 lakh square feet area on the Sabarmati riverfront to host an unprecedented initiation ceremony in the history of Ahmedabad. A massive dining hall spanning 65 thousand square feet has been constructed, accommodating 3200 guests in a single row.

A total of 50 thousand devotees will partake in religious worship on the day of initiation, enjoying a feast comprising 15 to 20 dishes, including sweets, farsan, sherbet, raab, rotli, poori, pulses, rice, dal, etc. As the days of Shashwati Oli in the month of Chaitra prohibit the use of vegetables and fruits, they will not be included in the food. A staff of 200 men has been employed for cooking and 500 for serving. 7000 bronze plate sets will be utilized, and for cold drinking water, hundreds of meters, not ice, will be used. DeshGujarat