Gujarati businessman donates Rs. 200 crore; to embrace monkhood along with wife

Ahmedabad: A business tycoon from Gujarat, Bhavesh Bhai Bhandari, along with his wife, donated Rs. 200 crore as they renounce worldly life and embrace monkhood after a diksha ceremony on April 22nd.

The entrepreneur from Himmatnagar, previously involved in the construction sector, follows in the footsteps of his 19-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son, who both embraced monkhood in 2022.

Upon taking the vow on April 22, the couple will be required to sever all familial ties and relinquish any material possessions. They will embark on a journey across India, subsisting solely on Bheeksha. Their belongings will be restricted to two white garments, a bowl for Bheeksha, and a “rajoharan,” a white broom used by Jain monks to brush insects away from their sitting area, symbolizing their commitment to non-violence.

The decision made by the affluent Bhandari family, renowned for their wealth, has drawn considerable attention across the state. In a procession spanning four kilometers, the Bhandari couple, alongside 35 others, donated all their possessions, including mobile phones and air conditioners. Footage from the procession depicts the couple riding atop a chariot, adorned in regal attire.

In Jainism, the act of ‘diksha’ signifies a profound commitment, entailing a life devoid of material comforts, sustained solely by alms, and traversing the country barefoot. DeshGujarat