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Modi launches Gujarat govt’s Gujarat Quiz website

Modi launches Gujarat govt’s Gujarat Quiz website
Gandhinagar, 4 September, 2010

How much do you know about Gujarat? Soon you will be able to check it as government of Gujarat is launching a unique website www.gujaratquiz.in to quiz you for your knowledge about the state.

The site will be comprised of large and authenticate question bank that is solely focused on the facts on Gujarat state and a facility to play quiz game apart from downloading and uploading questions. Users will have to log in, select their language and competency level before taking test.

Brainchild of Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi this website is aimed at introducing the youth to the rich heritage and vibrant colors of the state including its historical, cultural, literary, geographical, industrial and educational peculiarities and to infuse the future generation with the sense of pride for their motherland.

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  1. sumara ayaz says:

    superb information given by modiji………

  2. parmar bahadursinh says:

    modijee aap to dabnag ke salman khan or gujrat ke sinh ho aap bahut accha kam kar raheho aab tumhare havale gujrat he gujrat jay jay garvi gujrat

  3. pathan anish says:

    modi saheb you are a great man. aap 100 vrodhi par bhari ho. mai dua karta hu k aap next PM bano.

  4. Anonymous says:

    modi sahab aap hame iti copa ke studant ke liye project bnaona

  5. Jatin vaghela says:

    It’s good for all learner who realy like to learning and aad new knolege for him/her self

  6. VEGAD HARPAL says:


  7. suresh says:

    khubaj khubaj saras wap site 6e , jay jay garvi gujrat jay hind

  8. PARTH KHER says:


  9. Ravi Jivani says:

    Jo Hindustan ne world no ek Viksit Country banavva magta hoy ke je world ma ek
    Saktisali des bane ane jeno Garv praytek
    Hindustani lai sake ane Garv thi kai sake
    ke A Hindustan to “MODI JI KA HE ”
    Tena mate country ne Narendra Modi jeva saskta neta joiye

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