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Lata Mangeshkar accepts Gujarat’s first ‘Tana-Riri’ award in absentia

Lata Mangeshkar accepts Gujarat’s first ‘Tana-Riri’ award in absentia
Vadnagar, 15 November, 2010

Noted singer Lata Mangeshkar today received in absentia the first ‘Tana-Rir’ award, instituted by Gujarat Government in the memory of two great sisters hailing from Vadnagar in north Gujarat.

She expressed here inability to accept the sangeet sanman award in person due to unavoidable reasons. She wished the Tana-Riri Mahotsav being held at Vadnagar a great success.

In a recorded video message in Hindi, she greeted the people of Gujarat as ‘Brothers and Sisters of Gujarat’. She described Mr. Modi as a great leader and said she held him in the same esteem and respect as a sister has for her brother.

Paying her obeisance to the two great singers, she said, she had heard they hailed from Vadnagar, and has also heard that it was due to Mr. Modi’s initiative that the Tana-Riri festival is being held at Vadnagar. She has yet another regret that she could not render voice to a film once being made by Avinashbhai Vyas on the two sisters.

Referring to Gujarat’s craze for music, she said she knew many music-lovers and singers of Gujarat. She has heard many girls who learn singing from a very young age. Her word of advice to them is to must learn classical music besides the type of music that want to master which stand in good stead at times of test.

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  1. A.B. Mati says:

    Hi everyone,

    Congratulation for the success of TANA RIR festival and making this historical event live. Also congratulation to Ms.Dharini Pandya for her record-breaking classical music

    Here I would like to comment on the first TANARIRI award. This is awarded to Mangeshkar sister for their contribution in the filed of Music ? (Gujarati Music). As far as Usha Mangeshkar is concerned, I feel it is ok as she has been sung plenty on good Gujarati songs. Her song of JAY SNTOSHI MA was awesome and record breaker. But Lata Mangeshkar did not contribute much in Gujarati Sangeet, she sung few famous Gujarati songs. However Lataji is the great, nobody can deny this. She has international image, already got Bharat Ratan, this award is very less for her. So did not even appear to be there to get this award.

    Here we can remember the Legend Mahendra He had contributed much and put forward Gujarati Sangeet with his super songs and his golden voice. WHY NOT HE BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS AWARD?
    If we ask any of Gujarati Music lovers or the person attached with Gujarati film industry, will agree that this award should go to him.
    Anyway, I request the committee to look into this and next time please consider Mahendra Kapur’s name.


    A.B. Mati

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