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Petrol prices in Gujarat cross Rs. 60 per litre

Petrol prices in Gujarat cross Rs. 60 per litre
Ahmedabad, 15 January, 2011

So if you have finished your kites, rush to nearest petrol pump to fill your vehicle’s petrol tank before 0.00 hour. Once again it’s a bad bad news for you. Fresh hike in petrol prices will come to effect today midnight. The central government(that is mismanaging or not at all managing the country) and present model of economy are increasingly seeming horrible, that’s what a common person in street feels at this point of time.

The state(read central government run) oil companies have decided to raise the price of petrol by Rs 2.52-2.54 per litre.

The state-running oil marketing companies will increase the price by Saturday, January 15 midnight.

It is the sixth time that the oil companies will raise the price of petrol after government sanctioned the freedom to hike the price according to international market price.

In Gujarat, Petrol has become dearer by more than about Rs. 12 in one year.

One litre Petrol price in Ahmedabad will be about Rs. 62.27, Vadodara Rs. 61.50, and Surat Rs. 63.23 after this killer fresh price hike.

Meanwhile BJP on Saturday demanded rollback of the increase in petrol prices, saying the seventh hike in the last six months was totally unjustified and loot of the common man.

“This hike is totally unjustified. This is nothing but loot of the common man by the government. A product which costs Rs 30 is being sold at Rs. 60, which is 100 per cent taxation. We call for its rollback,” BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.

He said the ground of under-recovery by the oil companies cited by the government as the reason for the hike is not true.

“This is the seventh hike in the last six months. Only last month there was an increase of Rs 3 per litre…. oil companies are earning profits and giving dividends while still showing under-recovery,” Mr. Javadekar said.

He expressed fear that now even diesel prices may go up.

State-owned oil companies today raised petrol prices by Rs 2.50-Rs 2.54 per litre citing international crude oil prices, which climbed to $92 per barrel.

“Food inflation is at 18 per cent while inflation is at 9 per cent. This is the worst gift that a government can give to the people in New Year,” Mr. Javadekar said.

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  1. Mukarram says:

    Petrol has become dearer by more than about Rs. 12 in one year beacuse crude oil price hiked at great level

    price rise in india is a bitter truth nobody can stop..because of india progress and due to increasing of wealth among people… hope for all govt. to think about mddle class

  2. mahesh says:

    in Bhuj GUJRAT,the price of petrol (sada) is selling 1 ltr @RS 69.48 instead of actual price decided by government. please take action against it the petrol pump is near Noorani hotel.
    thanking you.

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