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Ahmedabad Rath Yatra 2011, amazing show of Hindu Muslim unity(Photo story)

Ahmedabad Rath Yatra 2011, amazing show of Hindu Muslim unity(Photo story)
Ahmedabad, 4 July, 2011

Every year Ahmedabad’s Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra passes through Muslim dominated areas of Jamalpur, Dariyapur, Shahpur and Kalupur. In past, the Police used to put ‘Janata curfew’ in practice in Muslim areas with cooperation of local peace committee members. Under this mechanism, the Muslims used to observe self imposed curfew during the passing of Rath Yatra in their area. This means, the Muslims would not come out of their homes during the time of Rath Yatra. Police with help of local Muslim leaders continued this practice for several years.

However for last two-three years, Janata curfew has stopped. The Muslims now come out of their homes and line up to see the Rath Yatra on both sides of the roads. The children enjoy it most. The photograph presents a beautiful picture of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood. The Muslims are extending their hands for ‘prashad’ of Bhagwan Jagannath from a decorated motor truck of Rath Yatra procession.

Jagannath Mandir’s Mahant Shri Dilipdasji was equally welcomed and honored in Hindu and Muslim areas during the Rath Yatra. Before this, Jagannath Mandir Mahant would not visit Muslim areas, but this year a new younger Mahant visited Muslim areas too and received a grand respect and honor by the Muslims who welcomed him and greeted him overwhelmingly. So if a group of Muslims offered white shawl to Mahant, one of the trustees of Jagannath mandir offered sweet to the Muslims.

A group of Muslim women and children offered prayer throughout the day wishing peaceful Rathyatra in Khanpur area.

While earlier Police’s job was to become barrier between Hindus walking in Rath Yatra and Muslims in their areas of domination, this year Police was doing bridging job between the communities. Earlier in Muslim areas, Police used to speed up the procession by constant whistling, hitting sticks on the roads and running behind and pressurizing the Rath Yatris, but this year the atmosphere was so friendly that Police didn’t feel such steps were needed to impose. Everything was smooth and cordial.

When in Muslim dominated Dariapur area, one of the Raths was facing some problem in its wheel mechanism, the local Muslims rushed there to offer help on their own. They brought needed instruments and tools. Both Hindus and Muslims together repaired the Rath.

Go to Jamalpur or Kalupur, Dariapur or Shahpur, in every Muslim area Rath Yatra was welcomed by local Muslims heartily. Tajiya committee had set up fifty stalls across all Muslim areas to serve water and soft drinks to the participants of Rath Yatra. Shri J.V.Momin of Tajia Committee gifted a photo of late Mahant Shri Rameshwardasji to present Mahant Shri Dilipdasji. The photo fram, specially created narrated Shri Rameshwardasji as an angle of peace. In a function held at Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to welcome Rath Yatra and also to felicitate new Mahant, almost all Muslim Councillors and MLAs were present. They sought blessing of Mahant Dilipdasji one-by-one standing in a queue. Even Christian Bishop came to seek blessings of Mahant Swami and wished all for Rath Yatra.

Though it was an act of symbolic expression, it meant lot to Rath Yatris, when such act came from local Muslims. They released doves in sky to give a message of peace during Rath Yatra.

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  1. kevin says:

    great to see above pic….show this to teesta bi**h , hope she learn some lesson from this

    Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat

  2. Gaurav says:

    Now atmosphere in Aamdavad’s Muslim dominated area is very friendly then it was 5 years back, you can go out and do not have to think of your safety.

  3. kk says:

    M happy to hear and see this unity and pray Lord jagannaath keeps this bond of love & friendship & unity forever.

  4. Ashok says:

    Now only if it can stay like this and certain people dont spoil it.

  5. Devang Shah says:

    It is good to see. togather we progress . in kalyug – Sanghe Shakti.

  6. Raj Gohil says:

    Great speculation…Great for Gujarat..that’s what we Hindu wants..peace among every citizens…now regarding journalism, Deshgujarat.com providing best neutral news across Gujaratis.. I have been reading Divyabhaskar.com for a while and it’s unbelievable biased news..they target Modi like anything,even small news..
    Kudos to Deshgujarat team…

  7. sunny london,uk says:



  8. BAPTY.S says:





  9. Amit Dhorajiwalla says:

    This is great! Hindus and Muslims have to realise that there are missionary forces out to convert Hindus and Muslims and they also tried to divide them. One of the newspaper in UK printed MF Hussain’s obituary in which they mentioned that Hindu Fundamentalist pushed Hussain out of India because he painted nude women, not mentioning that the nude paintings were of Hindu Goddesses. Just as Hindus do not insult other religions, you can see the English newsmedia having so much hatred for Hindus. A leftover legacy of Churchill.

    • NABEEL says:

      do u rember that in london they have printed the symbol of om on the bikini and no body say anything abt that and hussain painted a picture and there was a big protest why double type of game i dfont understand

  10. db says:

    is not talking against injustice called honesty? no it is called slavery. what do you say about our pm manmohan?

    people must awake. be a part of 2012 world revolution. we indian must not miss this chance to mold the world. we already missed in 2nd world war but not this times. remove this UPA goverment before 2012. india will be superpower in 2020.

  11. sadasivan says:

    Let this be an example for the whole of India.Let religious harmony prevail and let our country march towards prosperity and happiness.

  12. H M Suthar says:

    Common man be that Hindu or Muslim desires peace only. The vested interest only plan and execute the dirty tricks to create wedge amongs the people. The people in general and the Muslim in particular have realised the folly of being misguided by the vested interest. Long live Unity. Jay Gujrat Jay Bharat.

  13. hitz rav says:

    sabdo nathi mari pase aa image joine……its real secularism….jai hind jai garvi gujrat.

  14. KENT says:

    Thsi is good step in right direction…. WHEN CONGRESS party people see this kind of news, THEY cry and think what is happening our VOTE bank….. WAKE up people, NATION is being robbed by people with power in UPA GOVT….. NEVER FORGET 4 JUNE 2011 SATURDAY….. ON this day democracy was killed by UPA govt.
    Amit, you are right… SHOW this all so called secularists….. THOSE people divide and rule… JAY HIND….

  15. Nitha says:

    Muslims in Gujarat are likely to do better and the best left to themselves and their Hindu Gujarati brethren rather than follow the directives of outsiders, fundamentalists, secularists and terrorists and jihadists and politicians of vote-bank politics….Teesta brand people, Dawood like gangsters or LeT etc.

  16. shyam sundar says:

    देश गुजरात डोट कॉम के जरिये गुजरात में बन रही मुस्लिम हिन्दू एकता और भाई चारे की सुखद तस्वीर भी देखने को मिली .यह प्रशंसनीय है . यह और बात है कि तीस्ता सीतलवाड़ जैसी कांग्रेसी समाज सेविकाओं और कांग्रेस को यह एकता खल रही होगी . वैसे मुस्लिम समाज के लोगों को शायद यह बात समझ में आ रही है कि उनका कल्याण बहुसंख्यक हिन्दुओं के साथ मिलकर चलने में ही है .

  17. Anil says:

    Good report.. Keep up the good work.


    There is no doubt about the fact that the unity and brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims has increased in the last few years.This is good for the state and its development. The same cordial environment should persist forever. The credit for the same goes to Mr Modi who has always considered all Gujaratis equally irrespective of their religion.All have equal opportunities to progress in Mr Modi’s Gujarat.Everone is making hay in Gujarat whether the sun shines or not. All communities have accepted Mr Modi as their leader / messiah and they all have realised that the state can only develope and progress if the reigns is in the hands of Mr Modi. Had Mahatma Gandhi been alive, he would also have praised the steps taken by Mr Modi for communal harmony in the state. Those who had dubbed Mr Modi as communal are now busy eating their words.Gujaratis have forgotten ” Godhra ” and “after Godhra” , a division made by the TV media to increase their TRP.Unfortunately it backfired on them as Mr Modi came out stronger and became worldwide figure there after. Today, people remember Mr Modi as an abled leader who has transformed the face of Gujarat within a very short span of less than 10 years. What others could not do in 50 years, Mr Modi has done in one fifth of that period.

  19. kk says:

    now thats what we badly need in india if we want to progress…

  20. really a nice stuff for the good

  21. Ashutosh says:

    I would vehemently ask the citizens of India to wish Narendra Modi as the PM of iNdia.
    Jai Hind.

  22. Secular Hindutvawadi says:

    Great to see religious harmony here.

    Muslims are part of this nation and they contributed to the nation a lot along with others.

    Only few rotten apples are spoiling the relations between the two communities.

    Appreciate Modi for bringing so much harmony after 2002 sad incidents.

    Jai modi,jai hindutva,JAI HIND

    Hindu muslim xtian human human!!!


  23. santhosh HP says:

    NaMo Narendra Modi…jai ho….

  24. radhika says:

    I feel so glad to see almost above comments, what I feel that hindu dont hat muslim and vice versa.. What hindu dislike is muslim extrimist i.e JeM, LeT, SiMi, IM etc. and its supporters and what muslim dislike is hindu extrimist i.e RSS, VHP, BD, SS etc.

    We must understand from above that muslims pleasing hindu does not mean that they love BJP and like minded

  25. vishnupada dash says:

    it is lovely to see the joyousness and friendship of muslim and hindu people of gujrat in the occassion of rathyatra. the unity of all communities is flag of equality also.they are the real symbol of indianness. they are great.we the people of jagannath puri and all over orissa and oriya people on the whole feel most happy to see this presentation.

  26. vishnupada dash says:

    we the people of jagannath puri and orissa feel most happy to see this hindu muslim unity on the occassion of gujrat rathyatra-2011.the people of gujrat are really great.

  27. Ajeet Pandey says:

    Its great to see these pictures and hope these are used by politicians to take some sense into their thoughts before giving speech on these matters. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures…Cheers!!

  28. jayanti g jitiya says:

    this happens only in india,, long live brotherhood of all the the community in my country, in my india,,,sare jahaan se aacha hindostan hamara,,,,,,,above all very very proud to be an indian

  29. Aswath says:

    why do tears well in my eyes

  30. Paarthiv Raval says:

    You people are foolish. When Jihad will rise all Hindus will be killed by Muslims. That day is very very close. See for yourself. Muslims are just using Taqqiya and Kitman on you. Read their holy book and see what it tells them to do. They will kill every non-muslim.

    Wake up, stupid Indians.

  31. J.d says:

    I feel so happy that both religion took part in holy celebration of each other it can be happen in gujrat and india

  32. J.d says:

    Koi bhi dharam kissiko marne ki ijasat nahi deta sabhi dharm me piece is in centre but many people get wrong turn but finnaly remember we are one god’s son ,hamlogone hi ye dharam banaya hai insan peda huva tha pehla tab koi dharam nahi tha…love u all indian

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