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Jamnagar Collector proposes control over trust operated mandirs of Dwarka, Beyt Dwarka and Nageshwar

Ahmedabad, 4 February, 2012

According to sources in Gandhinagar, the district Collector of Jamnagar has proposed the state government that Jamnagar district’s coastal Rukshmani mandir, Beyt Dwarka mandir and Nageshwar Jyotirlinga mandir should cease to be under the control of various local trusts and should be managed by a new committee headed by the district Collector.

The temples, district collector has proposed to manage and control are Patrani mandir and Dwarkadhish mandir of Beyt Dwarka which is located 2 km from Dwarka, the Nageshwar Jyotirlinga mandir which is situated at a location 15 km away from Dwarka, and Rukshmani mandir which is situated at 2 km distance from the main Dwarkiadheesh mandir.

According to district collector’s proposal submitted to Gandhinagar, individual trusts are not able to provide proper security cover to these important religious places. Even for proper maintenance and management, it is very necessary that a unified body under the leadership of district collector is created to take control of the temples that are now managed by different local trusts.

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  1. Dharmesh says:

    The collector might have right intention but at last beurocracy sucks. I am damn sure if not today, in near future this will be taken over by power broker and politicos and will ruined everything. So please big no to his proposal

  2. babloo says:

    Very Very BAD IDEA- Government should keep its dirty, corrupt hands off any Hindu Temples. Hindu temples should be run by Hindu associations/ trusts/ societies.

  3. Hardik Pandya says:

    If Goverment really wants to do anything about this than it should repair approach roads to Nageshwar and Dwarika as these are in Pathetic condition.

    Security is a matter where goverment can always intervene(like current security at Akshardham). It can shoo away chobas who harass gullible tourist/pilgrims in name of Karma Kand.

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