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Sanjay Dutt to play Sarman Munja in high budget Hindi film

Ahmedabad, 15 February 2012

First there was a movie called ‘Godmother’ on Sarman Munja’s wife Santokben Jadeja, and now there will be a movie on Sarman Mumja himself.

A film on late Sarman Munja Jadeja, a gangster of Porbandar, Gujarat is to be produced by Ashtavinayak. Sanjay Dutt will play the lead role of Sarman Munja in this film which is to be directed by Soham Shah. The high-budget film will go on floors in May. The film will also have Vivek Oberoi, Chitrangada Singh.

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  1. jeet keshwala says:

    perfect role sarmanbhai to sanjay

    jaldi release karoo√łoo

  2. Pritesh Choudhary (mobile No - 09833235593 says:

    Please let me movie Name?

  3. nagesh bapodara says:

    sanju baba jaldi kro

  4. nagesh bapodara says:

    kiya bat he bro esi hi film honi cahiye…..

  5. ashutosh says:


  6. maher says:

    this character is heart of porbandar and we are proud to be maher

  7. Asha Odedra says:

    Hope Khandle makes sure it does justice to the true carecter of his father. unlike in godmother they showed his mothers carecter smoking.She never smoked in her life i know that for a fact.

  8. ali babar says:

    hey sanju mere friend ne bataya es film me aap kafi mehnat kar rahe ho..best of luck!!

  9. Sachin Raval says:

    Sanju Baba kam jaldi khatam kar ke release karo aaj apke sath mere do dost ke photo news paper me aya hai.

  10. Anonymous says:

    SANJU BABA AAP Bollywood ke sarman munja ho.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. parth solanki says:

    King of maher

  13. karan says:

    what is the name of character ??in film ??????

  14. ashvin says:

    yah sanju baba this movie break a all reacords

  15. Vij says:

    Sarman munja him self is a Epic – with all sabju babas respect – they can make movie on s.m. Bt in 3 hours is nt enuff to describe s.m.

  16. Vij says:

    Sarman munja was a multi charector hero from – maher community of porbander he is famous for being brave , ckean heart , help poor make justice n he is king style life style whit clean charecter -,no bollywood actor is able to play his role , he him self was great story- ther had been a novel based on sarman munja is called – Valopaat, it published in dom news psper to too weekly wen s m was alive. S m is an identity of mahet n porbander.

  17. Ajay lila jadeja says:

    Bhai bhai va va jadeja kud

  18. rudra ahir (ahiraanaa sarkar) says:

    sarman bapa ni film kyare aavse mane kehjo hu 1st show ma joi

    sarman bapa mara favorite robin hood se

  19. aspak nagori says:

    sarman munja jadeja is a true robin hood,
    nagori samaj proud on this bravery man,

  20. aspak nagori says:

    real jawa mard of maher samaj-sarman munja jadeja

  21. kirit Kamaliya says:

    Sher-e-porbandar The Great SARMAN bhai Jadeja

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