Hidden cameras of US media team uncover worst details on what’s going on in Ahmedabad (Video)

In the streets of slums

Couple of sting operations, shocking!

And climax, in police station

Ahmedabad, 10 March, 2012

MSNBC’s investigative journalist Chris Hansen visited slums of Ahmedabad recently to cover a story on dangerous clinical trials going on in the city by using poor slum people as human guinea pigs in exchange of few money.

Details in the videos captured by Chris and his crew using hidden cameras in Ahmedabad are shocking!! Government has to step-in immediately and look into this.

The story of one Rajesh Nadia, one Murthy, one John Mathew, the story of volunteers queuing up for a clinical drug trial in a waiting room of one of the companies, the story of women who can’t read, but do sign an agreement with clinical trial company, a meeting of Chris Hansen with clinical research mafias through hidden cameras, and MSNBC unit landing in police station in Ahmedabad…. entire sequence of this story shows the highest quality of journalism, and great hard work employed bu Chris and his team to uncover a complete picture of what’s going on in Ahmedabad under the banners of ‘clinical research’.


http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032600/#46657493 (Watch entire story in video on this link. Part four, five and six on left side scroll menu are about Ahmedabad)