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Hidden cameras of US media team uncover worst details on what’s going on in Ahmedabad (Video)

In the streets of slums

Couple of sting operations, shocking!

And climax, in police station

Ahmedabad, 10 March, 2012

MSNBC’s investigative journalist Chris Hansen visited slums of Ahmedabad recently to cover a story on dangerous clinical trials going on in the city by using poor slum people as human guinea pigs in exchange of few money.

Details in the videos captured by Chris and his crew using hidden cameras in Ahmedabad are shocking!! Government has to step-in immediately and look into this.

The story of one Rajesh Nadia, one Murthy, one John Mathew, the story of volunteers queuing up for a clinical drug trial in a waiting room of one of the companies, the story of women who can’t read, but do sign an agreement with clinical trial company, a meeting of Chris Hansen with clinical research mafias through hidden cameras, and MSNBC unit landing in police station in Ahmedabad…. entire sequence of this story shows the highest quality of journalism, and great hard work employed bu Chris and his team to uncover a complete picture of what’s going on in Ahmedabad under the banners of ‘clinical research’.


http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032600/#46657493 (Watch entire story in video on this link. Part four, five and six on left side scroll menu are about Ahmedabad)



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  1. Hari (गामडियो) says:

    It is no secret that NaMo speaks one thing, but a lot of things happening under cover illegally in Gujarat. I have witnessed how our Mother rivers are being prostituted by the most corrupt GPCB, Home department, for the western markets to be used as gutters for dumping banned non-renewable chemicals on earth, there by risking the lives of millions of natives as done by the Brits, their proxy rulers goondaaraaj Kangress, and now BJP administration wanting to make cheap bucks by opening up our pristine Mother rivers to the wolves that are hell bent on ruining our Mother Nature all under the banner of development. If we don’t contain this silent terrorism, it would be very difficult for us to survive. जय श्री राम!

  2. KD says:

    Hi DG,

    Can you followup this case and let us know what follows? Its important.
    And yes, rightly said, it is “highest quality of journalism, and great hard work”

    • param sneh says:

      I kindly request DG to follow up on this one. I am really hoping that Gujarat Govt. would have taken some immediate action to investigate on this very important issue and to prevent this happening.

      More and more people need to be aware of it so that they don’t get trapped into it. It didn’t look like any educated person would volunteer himself for clinical trials.

      It also showed how Lambda executive lied. Literally, I couldn’t believe. When their son/daughter would loose their lives being in a trial, that’s when they would realise.

  3. vinod says:

    My friends this is development. On the name of development there are 100′s of fake companies have been emerging.

    Nothing will happen. It is dictatorship and capitalism “Poor becomes poorer and Rich becomes Richer”.

  4. Rohit says:

    He Bhagwan, in India there is no value for poor person’s life. There is no rule, regulations to avoid such malpractices, pollution etc. in any areas. People can get driving license without knowing how to drive, as per above anybody can open clinical research organizations. Also what our so called famed media is doing. Why can’t they give some space to such kind of journalism, instead of licking Congress Ministers, bashing Modi and giving undue fame and coverage to all little things of Khan brothers, Katrina, big brother and cricket matches even with Zimbabwe. I recently saw one of programs by UK journalists to uncover human trafficking of small child and prostitution in heart of Delhi. Above is by USA based journalist. We have to appreciate their kind of journalism which doesn’t tolerate any kind of bad practices whether somebody is normal person or prime minister.

  5. Hari (गामडियो) says:

    Only agencies like deshgujarat dares to show this ugly truth. Our english media is too busy aspiring to be on the payroll of the goondaaraaj Kangress while derailing our integrity culture aka. Hindutva which enshrines ‘Sarve bhavantu sukhina’.
    What you see in the hidden camera is the result of westernization in our management with more and more so-called ‘educated’ gaddars willing to do the bidding for the very American companies that are hell bent on killing innocent people around the world by pumping more bullets, bombs, dirty money to naPak epicenter of terrorism. The best way to bring ethics, legal, moral and an effective code of conduct in our government offices is to be assertive about Hindutva in our society, and restoring our rich Vedic wisdom in our textbooks along with the practice of Surya Namaskar as exemplified by Baba Ramdev. The Ayurvedic prescription coming from R&D at Patanjali are the best than anywhere in the world and the safest. जय श्री राम!

  6. Hari (गामडियो) says:

    More than Lambda, or synchron combine the biggest lair and killer of poor people on earth is the very American British politicians who cozy up with heavy funding to the naPak terrorism program next door, while creating conditions for China to threaten a nuclear war with Bhaarat.

    While certainly I appreciate the “hard work and highest quality of journalism” shown in this undercover operation as mentioned by DG. I am not willing to buy their motive behind this sting operation. If the firangi media are truly honest then they should show, how more than hundreds of thousands of poor people get killed by their so-called technologies of silent terrorism known as pollution in Gujarat, which are created by their own American European companies since those chemicals plastics are banned in their own countries. The western media are more interested in showing India as a slumdog, when in reality, there are a lot more unethical, illegal, immoral activities occurring in their own turf. In the context of promoting better healthy living through (Hindutva) Ayurvedic universities, Medical research, and Surya Namaskar, I believe NaMo’s Gujarat is the best. जय श्री राम!

  7. H Shah says:

    Where ever there is drug development, there are unethical trials. In US, there are trials on retired soldiers, prisoners, etc, where they are not even told about it.

    To scandalize participation of illiterate is just pathetic. Try enacting a law that people who cannot read cannot participate in a trial and there will be a riot. You will be accused of being an elitist, anti-poor, and so on. The illiterates are allowed to participate in everything and they do many, many things without reading a word. It sucks to be an illiterate. ‘even the illiterate sign the documents’ is one of the signs of a ‘shock’ journalism – shock at the expense of facts.

    The industry has its Nadias and those should be arrested, but for most part, the industry works ethically and provides many jobs. I am not sure how many are aware that India requires that the first set of trials happen elsewhere and that the rule is very well enforced thanks to competitive marketplace. The Nadias of the world may get away with fooling a few patients, but even they cannot get past this rule as the word always gets out and that makes it easy for their competitors to shut them down. Dateline happens to have just missed this in its documentary.

    They did a segment on Indian outsourcing because anything against outsourcing is popular in US. The newsmen are trying to make profit for their employers. And they can make more of it by ‘shocking’ you than informing you.

  8. roxy says:

    Hey I sincerely request the guys at DG to follow this matter & take that up to CM if needed, coz it’s really harming those poor guys & they even don’t know what is going on with them.

  9. nitha says:

    This is really worrying….Gujarat Govt needs to be more vigilant…more active and more strict…

  10. Dharmesh,k.patel says:




  11. Ketan Sompura says:

    Thank you for posting the news.

  12. db says:

    Hey Hari, you are right but what is the learning thing is –

    did any person or media from india surface this? what we people are doing? do you thing any of us ever step in slums?

    so it is fault of india people. if you see most of corrupted india media in business how to make people fool. when 1000 people died in 2002 riots, all media had spent lot of time and money and keep live for 10 years. but hear 15000 people died every years, no indian people or media interested.

    also this video is not too save poor india but it is for keep the high standard of medicine in west.

    this is the outcome of 60 years of hard work of congress.. don’t you agree?
    all river including naramada, ganga , yamuna got polluted many decade back. yamuna river is almost gone.

    still people of india not waking up and keep thinking about their life style, get more and more money..

    i am sure you and me can not go in slum and seat the way this foreigner seated.

  13. db says:

    please note that the situation is even worse in west bangal. and this is happening all over india and other asian country. philliphinse is number one in child trafficking.

    in south lot of young girl are sold in arab country. just google you will find many more information.

    the problem of india above is nothing against other things.

    see following link.


    here is one of the link.


  14. venugopal says:

    Above report is shocking.The state government should swing in to action immediately and save poor, illiterate and innocent humanbeings living in slums being exploited.Otherwise another catastrophe may occur soon.

  15. BAPTY.S says:


  16. worst thing says:

    I think execution ability is much important than a good idea.Because everyone has good ideas,but few people put them into practice…

  17. worst thing says:

    Some good points here, had great time reading this. Thanks.

  18. Hardik says:

    This is bullshit….
    i know whatever write above is 100 % True
    not big deal we can say tipically….Its happen in india Only…

    But i just want to aks this Media Channel and this Journalist Mr. Chris Hansen who made this String Opration do such kind of Operation in USA some time if u really care abt people bez US FDA is biggest Corrupt Health Agency in World especially on Clinical trial

    Americans are always try to hit others county
    Make your Home Clean first and then Do others….

    Mr. Hardik Ghelani
    Clinnical Research Coordinator

  19. Drushti says:

    Sad? Yes. Shocking? Indeed. Can I bring back the people who died during a trial? No. Can I do anything for the people in slums? May be. Would I actually do anything – probably not, I will simply point a finger at the government. So I am not going to whine about it because I am actually not going to do anything to help the people in need.
    Now, about the CRO (Clinical Research Organisations)- they are in it for the money! I don’t blame them for doing business – I do blame them for not doing it the right and ethical way. It doesn’t matter where the trial originates (US, UK, India or any other country), all CROs care about is making profit regardless of the cost. It is not the US that doesn’t value a human life, it is the profit-loving money-minded business men everywhere. If Lambda or Synchron or any other CRO really cared then they would value scientific research and ethical trials instead of abusing it. This whole thing reminds me of an idiom my grandma uses “Paadva ni poch nai ne top khane naam lakhava jaay” which means a person/people should not take on a job that they are not capable of doing!! In this case the recruiters/clinical research agents, the CRO and the subjects themselves have taken a task without realizing the risk and seriousness involved in it. I wonder if the recruiters even understand the risk themselves well enough to explain it to the subjects (slum people). I mean CROs don’t even require a clinical licence, really? Unbelievable! A clinical trial is a serious matter – absolutely not business material. It just breaks my heart to see how a system can be abused for profit.
    In addition, the fact that the people living in the slums are so helpless that they would do anything is just heartbreaking. They see those trials as an income and agree to it for the money despite the risk. Can I call it greed? Poor people remain poor because they lack enthusiasm. It appears to me that they want to make quick money and most of the times follow wrong paths like drugs, clinical trials, selling kidney and what not. It is stupid and sad at the same time. No person should be so helpless – where there is a will,there is a way. At the same time, if they need some help, as a fellow human being (middle class or rich, doesn’t matter), it is my humane duty to help them in any way I can – but would I do it? No because its all government’s fault!!
    On to Amdavad as a booming city – it is great that Amdavad has opened its doors to science and multinational companies (MNCs); however, the city also needs to regulate those companies. Make strict contracts with MNCs that they need to clean the mess they make or they will be kicked out. Oh wait, if we kick them out then other state like UP or Karnataka would take them in without any regulations. We need nationwide standards and rules against pollution, scientific research etc. and then may be we can force MNCs to follow the rules.
    Oh, about journalism – good work, indeed, by Desh Gujarat for posting it. MSNBC videos could be a little dramatic but no one can deny what was captured on that hidden camera. And that is one ugly truth. I am empathetic towards the ignorant subjects and angry at the unethical clinical business(business because there is no research, only profit) organisations. Sadly, that’s all I could do. May be one day when I am powerful and resourceful I can make changes to the system. Till then, blaming the government for all the bad things in life!!

    - No matter what, still a Proud Amdavadi and Garvi Gujaratan!

    • Drushti says:

      In the third paragraph, last line, I meant to say rules against pollution, unethical science research etc. Scientific research is a good thing, if not abused and done properly.

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