Parshottam Rupala speaks on Lokayukta and Lokpal (Video)

By our correspondent, Gandhinagar, 3 February 2013

Presented in the videos is a brief talk with BJP’s national president and Rajya Sabha MP from Gujarat Shri Parshottam Rupala on Lokayukta and Lokpal issues.

When asked a question on Lokayukta appointment issue in Gujarat, Shri Rupala said that it seems there’s an attempt of creating confusion on this subject.

He said, “the entire matter is about Chief Minister and Cabinet’s rights, and it is not about a particular appointment”.

He said, “the Supreme Court judges have given two verdicts; one on Gujarat Lokayukta and the other on Karnataka Lokayukta appointment. And both verdicts differ like north south.While in our(Gujarat’s) Lokayukta case verdict, Chief Justice’s observations are given importance, while in Karnataka verdict, Chief Minister’s decision has been given importance, and this issue is being tackled legally. In democracy, the areas of executive and judiciary are well demarcated and defined, and in democracy, the duties and work of honorable President and Governors are well defined.It is advisable that in this structure everyone may do their task properly.”

Reacting to a question on Lokpal bill Shri Rupala said, “BJP in favor of effective Lokpal bill from day one. Lokpal bill without giving proper rights to Lokpal doesn’t serve any purpose. The BJP is going to raise some questions against the bill that the union Cabinet has approved.”

“The most important point is that we represent that these CBI people who are involved in prob against anyone should not be given extension or job after they retire. What happens today is that they(the ruling party/the government) get their work done through these people (CBI) by promising post-retirement appointment. The entire country knows this general practice,” he added.

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